As I said in an earlier post, adword is one of the greatest marketing strategies to use when it comes to the issue of advertisement. I also illustrated how Google advertising has become very popular in today’s business. You can take some time to read more here. I want you to know that Google adwords could be the cheapest advertising medium for you if you know how to plan your advertisement campaign well.


There are plenty of advertising services on the internet today. You can choose to advertise with Bing, yahoo, Facebook and so many other options. However, on today’s write-up I will be talking on the cost of adword. You are going to know how to set up your adwords campaign to get the cheapest cost of advertisement.

How much should I spend advertising using the Google adwords?

The good thing about adwords is that it is pay per click. You do not have to pay any money if your advert is not clicked. In addition, the cost per click is determined by the amount of bid you attached to a particular keyword.

For example, for a less competitive keyword, you can bid a dollar on a keyword and it will appear on Google page. Moreover, for a much more competitive keyword it is going to be more expensive.

How to bid for Google advertisement

Making a bid is easy. There is a feature in the Google adword that helps you with suggested bids. This feature gives you suggested bid required for you adsense to appear on Google page. You should not be carried away about advertising in Google and make loss in your business.

Before you bid for advertisement on Google, make sure that you have make inquiries if your business can afford the advert. Different business can afford to pay different prices for adverts so don’t pay for advert because you know someone that’s paying that same amount.

Bing vs. Adwords, which one is cheaper?

Bing and adword offers the same services. Bing can provide you with almost the same services Google adwords provides. Nevertheless, Bing is faced with challenges of fewer clicks. This is why most people will prefer to use Google adwords.

There is question about the fact that Bing is 33.5 percent cheaper than Google adwords. This is applicable for the same terms. Moreover, it is known that Bing gives a hundred percent advertising credit when you have used above twenty-five dollars.

How to set up your adwords account

There are basic things you need to have to get started with Google adwords. In order to advertise on Google make sure you the following:

  • An email account. If you do not have one you can open by clicking here
  • Your business must have a website. Prices vary when it comes to building a website. For a fair and standard website that abides by all Google policies, you can contact to create a business website.
  • Then you can follow the steps below to set up your adword account. To get an adword account you can click here

Simple steps to Google advertising

Let me go straight to buttressing the steps needed to setup your adword account.

  • For sure, you do not want to use all your money in advertising. So the first thing you will do is to set your budget on a daily bases. You can choose to increase your budget ant time especially when you have a better keyword to bid on. You do not have to panic your budget might not be exhausted in a day. If no one clicks on the advert in a day, then the budget for that day remains intact. The most important use of the budget is that you will never spend more than your budget in a day.
  • You have to make sure you are reaching your targeted customers. Therefore, you will set up your location. This is very effective for local businesses. You can make sure you are not advertising for the wrong audience. When you set your location, your business will only be advertised to people around your locations. By using the advance settings, you can use your zip code to set a geographical radius for your business ads.
  • Choose your kind of ads. Google ads are either usually on other site contents or on Google search pages. This is usually depending on your choice and on your kind of business. Well I see the Google page search as the most effective type of advert. That is my view yours might be different depending on the kind of business you do.
  • Choose a keyword wisely. You should know that keywords could be a word, groups of word or we could just say keyword is a phrase people use when searching for information on Google. Therefore, you can choose keywords that should be attached to your adverts. Google will select some suggestions for you based on your website. You can use the Google keyword planner feature to check how popular a particular keyword is. If you want your ads to do well, you should check out keywords that are phrases. Most of it is having less competition.

How it works | Negative keywords

There are times when you notice search query not relevant to your site bringing up your ads.           You should use that as an advantage. Those search queries are called negative keywords

  • You should now set your bids. Just as I have said earlier, your bid is the amount payable per click on your advert. It is called biding because you are bidding against other website with the same or related keywords. You can check the previous article to learn more about bidding. With the help of Google keyword planner, you can check Google suggested bid. You can also choose to enter your bids manually.
  • Write your adverts. In writing your ads, Google gave limited character to do so. Therefore, you must be hitting the nail on the head with your adverts.

Forms to fill writing ads on Google adword

The first that comes up is your landing page. That is the page they will be redirected to when they click on your advert

Headline 1: This is the main heading

Header 2: This heading puts more light on the main heading

Description: your description is your main advert so you should use a clear call to action text, include at least one keyword, capitalize the first letter of every word and include specific prices on promotions if there is any.

What you should include to make your advert effective on Google

Google adword is the most popular and well-used advertising services so there are standards you will have to maintain in order to meet up with other advertisers. I have come up with a few lists for you to follow.

  • Proper use of keywords with adwords. – In order to make sure that Google sees your ads as a relevant one, you will have to use keywords that you’re definitely bidding on. This way Google can tell that your ads are relevant.
  • Identify your locality – this is very useful for local business. Make sure you use location terms. For example If someone is searching for Hotel Texas and your heading reads “best hotel in Texas”, your ads is likely to come up. That is because your ads were seen relevant to the persons search term.
  • Hit the nail on the head – your ads should go straight to the point carrying the following information’s: who you are, the kind of services you offer and how you can help their request.
  • Be Unique – you should make it known why you should be preferred to other related business. It is not possible to monopolize Google first page so in using adwords, you have to be unique in your own style.
  • Call to action is a key – a clear call to action will surprise you. Most people will click where they are sure problems are broken down into steps. You can use different call to Acton. Just like this: “Login for a free delivery”, “Call for a free ride” and so many more.
  • Always use extension – you can add additional information like address, phone numbers, ratings and so many more. Please note that there are additional costs for extensions.


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