ALAT is the first Nigeria digital banking system which functions as an active system. By using ALAT, there are so many banking transactions that you can do without going to the bank to make any inquiry.


This service was established from scratch to become completely digital. ALAT banking has made all banking activities available to anyone anywhere and at any time as far as you can assess the internet.

Unlike other banking apps, ALAT banking offers some banking services. but in some cases you still have to go to the bank for more confirmation on some of your transactions and also for customer care inquiry, but using this services, some it limits your visits to the banks.

ALAT banking app is sometimes referred to as a lifesaver, because of the numerous banking services it offered. To get an account opened with ALAT is very simple and easy, it does not require a long time, it only takes up to or less than 5 minutes. ALAT banking app helps you carry your cash away very easy by saving them, it makes sure all your bills are paid on time with payment scheduled feature.

ALAT also offers a debit card which you can activate without a visit to the bank. This ALAT bank app works anywhere, and anytime in Nigeria.

You must not have a PC before you can assess ALAT, ALAT can be assessed on IOS and Android phones.


To assess ALAT banking to know all about their services and how to perform transaction, all you have to do is stated as follows;

  • Make sure you have a good working browser with a sufficient data, then open up a browser
  • Locate the search bar which is provided at the top of the browser and type in the ALAT URL which is
  • Then click on Enter.
  • Then A page will be displayed on your screen which happens to be the homepage of the site.
  • Take a few minute of your time to assess and learn about the site properly.

You can also download the ALAT application file on your IOS or Android phone by using either of the following viz;

  • Google app
  • App store.

By studying the homepage, you will see some of the following features below;

  • Schedule Transfers
  • Save easily
  • Sign up for 5 minutes.
  • Free debit card delivery
  • Control your card
  • Get discount every week.


On the ALAT age, you will see some of these features which include:

  • Sign up
  • Transfer and Payments
  • Goals and Savings


Unlike other banking apps, ALAT is just not ordinary but an amazingĀ  app that also creates a job opportunity for any individual, to view the opportunities they offer for customers to see, to view these opportunities, follow these steps:

  • Open your preferred browser or if you are already on the ALAT homepage, locate the category for opportunities, which is located just at the top of the of the homepage.
  • click on it or you can also type in this URL
  • Then take your time to go to the homepage to be able to access the opportunities.
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