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Founded in 1995, Amazon only started the network of book sales business, now expanded to a wide range of other products, including DVD, music CD, computer, software, video games, electronic products, clothes, furniture and so on. Lets solve two problems of: 1, how to pay; 2, how to return to the country. you can follow the detailed solution bellow.


Register any Transit Account like: Transparcel Then Register the Amazon English station account: http: //

Steps / methods for shopping in Amazon in the United States

First of all to a foreign payment of the credit card, the majority of people have it. Then, in order to solve the transport problem, we have to apply to a logistic services like Transpercel. to shipped to the country. In fact, many similar companies, have the same boat, and gels in fact, choose wisely.

Free registration – fill in the relevant information (mailbox, password, address and the like) – registration is successful, you can get a few US transit address

Note: In the transshipment site you need to fill in your domestic shipping address, try not to fill this wrongly

Amazon official website shopping process

( is the largest online e-commerce company in the United States. Is one of the first companies to start operating e-commerce on the Internet. Now it has expanded to a wide range of other products, including DVDs, music CDs, computers, Software, video games, electronic products, clothes, furniture and so on. Today, the United States is the first choice for many online shopping site.

Shipping & shipping: Amazon can direct mail in China,

Payment: credit card, check, Amazon gift card

Amazon shopping process:

STEP 1 Registration & Login:

Log in to and click on the “sign in” registration in the upper left corner of the page to enter the email address

STEP 2 to buy goods

After registration you can shop on the Amazon. Amazon has a variety of products including books, audio and video, electronic products, home appliances, clothes and so on.

Then follow the prompts to complete the shipping address:

In general, please use the transshipment, please fill in the shipping company’s consignee and shipping address.

Please do not match if the last billing address matches the shipping address. (Billing address or fill in China’s good, to prevent credit card brush, but because the domestic credit card card number that your card issuer is in China, the bill is the US address, then some of the official website will be a single)

Once you’ve finished writing, click Continue.

Click “ship to this address” to proceed to the next step.

This step is to let you choose the way of delivery:

Generally choose free shipping way.

Amazon There are currently two free shipping options: $ 25 free shipping, Prime free shipping service. The former is a good understanding of friends, buy more than 25 dollars can be free shipping in the United States. Here to focus on Prime free shipping service!

Introduction to Prime Services

Prime is amazon launched a free shipping service, join the service within 1 year, buy anything in amazon can enjoy free 2 days to send or 1 day 3.99 US dollars to send service. But the service of the annual fee of 79 dollars, generally you do not need to use this service. But the key is that this service has a free trial function! There are several ways to use:

  1. Any amazon users can have a 1 month free trial, remember to open after the personal account must set the page to close the Prime automatic renewal service, or 1 month after the credit card will be designated as 79 dollars annual fee! If you really forget and do not worry, as long as you after the trial period has not used amazon this service, you can also write an e-mail complaint, as long as there is no use (trial period of use is not) can be recovered.
  2. Join the amazon Mom program to get a free trial for 3 months. And every time in amazon’s baby store to buy more than 25 dollars can be extended trial 1 month, up to a total of 1 year. But now this plan has not received the new joined:
  3. To join the amazon Student program, you can get a free use of the opportunity for 1 year, need to have a .edu mailbox to verify ( and other open application edu mailbox can not be verified)

Payment in Amazon

Click Next to enter the payment information.

Enter the credit card, click Add a new card, enter your card number, cardholder name

After entering the card number, click “add your card” to add this credit card.

And then click “Continue” to let you write your billing address.

You can choose the address already exists as a billing address, you can also write a new billing address below.

After entering, click continue to proceed to the next step.

This step is to ask if you want to participate in Prime’s free shipping plan, you can choose No Thanks.

The last step is the bill, confirm the price and information can be correct by Place your order. This time on the order completed!

Thank you on the page that the success of the payment, the next patiently waiting for the delivery of goods to the warehouse delivery.


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