Antivirus is a computer program usually designed to prevent, detect, and remove a virus or any harmful software program, virus is created intentionally by hackers to be able to enter your computer without your permission they are more like spies. Antimalware, which is designed to protect the system against virus can also protect other threats like Trojan horses, browser hijackers, adware, botnets, and ransomware.


The first ant-ivirus software was in1987, a German astrophysicist and amateur computer programmer developed software to fight out the first computer virus “ in the wild” which means that the virus had escaped the confines of the labor network.


An Antivirus software examines each and every one of your files in the your computer and examines its content  to see if it is corrupted or not, files which are already been corrupted by computer viruses are normally damaged beyond recovery, so Anti-virus software then removes the code from the file during disinfection, damaged files can only be restored from existing backup, because once damaged it can’t be put to its undamaged state.

Once the file is quarantined, the application can attempt to repair it, delete it, or prompt you on what to do with the files.

Entering of different websites without an anti-virus system on your computer can make it easier for a virus to enter your computer, and people can secretly access your computer without your permission to gather information. Virus can slow down your computer, it can damage your files, virus can take control of your computer

How to know whether there is a virus in your system

Here are some signs to know whether your computer has virus

  1. Your computer will begin to slow down than usual
  2. Also, your computer can restart randomly
  3. Your files will mysteriously disappear
  4. You will begin to see unusual errors
  5. Atimes, your computer will not be able to print
  6. The applications in your computer will a lot of time to open
  7. Your icons will change in appearance

Don’t be scared all you have to do is to install an anti-virus program on your computer.

A real antivirus program does a real-time scanning. It is automatically running in the background of your computer continuously. Most commercial antivirus software provides a deep, and real-time scanning. There are so many Anti-virus programs but not all are trusted, so be sure to make proper research before choosing anyone. I will list some Antivirus software

List of Good Antivirus you can Consider

Norton antivirus

    ; it is an anti-virus software which blocks every new brand new malware, it is a well-known antivirus software, it updates every 5 to 15minutes to make sure your computer system is up to date. It doesn’t slow down computer

  • ivirus ; this antiv-irus provides customers with a completely free version if you looking for a simple antivirus AVG is a simple and free antivirus application
  • Panda Anti-virus pro; is a real-time malware detection, it has a speedy cloud-based scanning, a user-friendly and well-featured antivirus solution, it is easy to use
  • Kaspersky antivirus; this antivirus software focuses on security essentials, it blocks dangerous websites and remove threats, it said to be one of the best performing security packages, it is a trustworthy security for beginners and experts like you and me, it is easy to use, it is not too basic but not complicated or intimidating and they are plenty of instructions to explain how everything works onscreen.
  • McAfee virus scan plus; it is another type of antivirus that protects your computer against virus and includes a firewall that will prevent hackers from attacking your computer
  • Trend micro; it a well capable antivirus system package that’s simple to use at an affordable pricing
  • Webroot secure anywhere Antivirus;  it is the most lightweight antivirus, which very fast, installing takes just 2 seconds, and it is not a large program that can occupy much space. Other antivirus software is; bit defender, immunet protect, digital parol, sophos, tizer, nprotect, k7 antivirus, escan, dr web clam, digital defender. Etc
  • Avast; it is an old type of computer software that is good and reliable, also a type of that is easy and free.


A good antivirus program will protect your computer against virus while surfing the internet, preventing hackers from gaining any access to your computer and have access to your personal information like credit card information and bank account access. All antivirus program has a software to block unauthorized connection to your computer


Some of this antivirus software low down our computer

Some of them can be really expensive


There some few things to consider when you want to get an antivirus for your computer which   are;

  1. cost; some antivirus software can be really expensive while some can be cheap or even free while trying to purchase an antivirus software try to optimistic and weigh all your options, make sure that the software you want to purchase is really good and at an affordable price. Some programs that are free are Avast and AVG
  2. Speed; also pay attention to any computer antivirus system that can be very fast in scanning, the program you want to go for should be able to go for a quick scan.
  3. Simple; find something easy to use, not too complicated to configure, it should be easy to install to avoid extra cost and stress.
  4. Updates and upgrades; make sure you consider the antivirus that is always up to date because if your antivirus is not up to date that means it won’t be able to protect your computer against new virus definition or even detect them.

In conclusion

Antivirus is essential to be able to protect your computer against virus or malware so don’t think getting antivirus is a waste of money. A virus should never be assumed harmless and left on the computer and don’t ever let your guard down so please ensure you have an antivirus software installed in computer.

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