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facebook messenger

application, which now has more than 800 million active monthly users, would replace our SMS. Will it succeed? That’s another story. In the meantime, here are all the tricks needed to better use it.
Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Here are the hidden hints of Facebook Messenger. Note that you will only find here those available in France or about to be made available. For example, US users can send money to their friends via Messenger. This option is unfortunately not yet proposed in our countries.

1. No need to be on Facebook to use Messenger

And yes, contrary to common beliefs, it is now possible to use the email client even if you do not have an account on the social network. All you have to do is download the application from the Play Store and click on “I’m not on Facebook” when you identify yourself when launching the application. You will then just enter your name and phone number and add a photo.
Facebook Messenger without account

2. Connect from a PC

It was, of course, already possible to use Facebook instant messaging from a PC but provided you connect via the social network. Now you just have to go to the site and then log in. You will then find an interface similar to that of the application but declined in an office version.
Facebook Messenger web

3. Use Facebook Messenger as an SMS client

Since the last update of the application, it is possible to use Facebook Messenger as SMS / MMS client. Your SMS conversations are displayed in the middle of the email client and allow you to use one application instead of two. To enable this option, simply select Messenger as the default SMS client in the Android settings.

4. Send a short 15-second video in a conversation

On Facebook Messenger, it is possible to share photos in your conversations but also videos, you just need to do this:
Click on the Camera icon just above the message entry field

Long press the camera shutter button to save your video

Upload your video as you do for a photo

5. Send your location

We agree Messenger has always allowed sharing his location with his interlocutor. Except that before, this option was activated by default and so you had to deactivate it if you did not want to know where you were. A system not very practical, especially since we did not think about it all the time. Fortunately, since that has changed and you only share your location if you want, using a button. In addition, it is also possible to share a strategic location nearby such as a restaurant or shop.
Facebook Messenger location

6. Send GIFs

And yes, Facebook Messenger now allows sharing GIF in conversations. To do this, simply touch the three-point icon to the right of the conversation options bar and then click GIF or another third-party application installed on your phone. The application will also suggest you other GIF database apps.
To go further: how to send a GIF with Facebook Messenger

7. Customize your conversations

To make it a little more attractive, it is now possible to personalize your conversations. It is possible to choose a different color than the traditional blue Messenger, to assign an emotion to the conversation or to assign you a pseudonym. For it :
Rendezvous in a conversation

Click on the “i” icon at the top right

Select the option of your choice and let you guide

Facebook Messenger options

8. Cut notifications

One of your interlocutors sends you 10 messages per minute? Do you know that it is possible to cut notifications for a specific discussion. A silent mode that you can activate, either for a fixed length of time or until you reactivate the notifications. To do this, simply:
Click on the “i” icon at the top right

Select “Notifications”

Setting the duration of the interruption

Facebook messenger notifications

9. Activate ephemeral messages

Recently, the application offers a new option, probably inspired by Snapchat, to send ephemeral messages. Once this option is activated, the interface will change color and a message will notify you that the messages sent during this period will be deleted one hour after they have been sent. To activate ephemeral messages, simply click on the hourglass at the top of the conversation and do the same to disable them.
Facebook messenger messages ephemeris

10. Accessing filtered messages

A few months ago, Facebook deleted the “Others” mailbox. Now, spams and messages considered undesirable by the social network lands in a secret inbox. The catch is that from the moment the sender is not in your contacts, then the message is redirected to that secret box. You can potentially miss out on an important message. Here is how to access this box.
Launch the application and open the parameters by clicking on the serrated wheel at the top right

Click “Contact” to enter the sub menu then “Invitations via message”

Then click on “View filtered requests”

You will then see a list of all people who have sought to contact you

Facebook messenger invitations

11. Share a document from Dropbox

Good news ! Facebook Messenger now allows you to share your documents stored on Dropbox with your friends. To do this, simply have Dropbox installed on your smartphone and you are connected (if necessary, you will be offered to download the application) and your friend also uses Dropbox on his smartphone. To share a document with a friend, simply:
Open conversation

Click on the “More” button at the bottom right of the conversation field

Open Dropbox

Facebook messenger dropbox

12. Share a song with Spotify

Spotify is now part of the integrated messaging client applications. To share a song with a friend is very simple. Once in the conversation, all you have to do is
Click on the “three points” button at the bottom right to open the “Plus” menu

Select Spotify

Choose a song in the application and click send

Facebook messenger spotify

13. Change the size of “Like” in conversations

To the right of the message entry field, there is a “Like” emoticon to let a friend know that you agree with his previous message, without necessarily needing to reply to him by message. But did you know that it was possible to change the size of the thumb based on your degree of approval. All you have to do is to press and hold the emoticon before sending it.
Facebook messenger

14. Give nicknames to your friends

And yes, it is quite possible to give nicknames to your friends and to give you a special nickname in a conversation. It’s simple and it can even be fun. To do this, simply:
Going into the conversation of your choice

Click on the “i” icon at the top right to open the menu

Click on “Nicknames”

Configure your nickname and / or your friend’s nickname

Facebook messenger nicknames
Enable end-to-end encryption

15.Facebook messenger encryption

Recently, Messenger integrates end-to-end encryption of conversations . But this one is not automatic: you must know how to activate it. To do this, go to one of your active discussions. Touch the Details icon at the top right of it.
Scroll down to find the “Secret Conversation” option. A message will tell you the characteristics: the encryption is done end to end, so the servers can not read what you and your friend tell you.
The window goes all black, and a new option in the form of a clock appears: it is this one that will allow you to give a limited time to your message after consultation. So, when the message is opened by your friend, it will fade at the end of the given time.

16. Play Instant Games

Facebook Messenger now has its own gaming platform , Instant Games. To play is very simple. All you need is the latest version of the application. Once in a conversation, you just have to click on the joystick icon in the options provided above the message entry field. The list of games will then appear and you will have only to choose which you want to play.

17. Download facebook messenger

using your device, you can clock on the links bellow:

  • Android device can click here
  • facebook desktop click here  
    I Phones click here

    18. How to send money with messenger

    it is very easy to send money to people via messenger. in order to do this, once you are on the messenger, click on the payment link. if you are using this for the first time, then you will be asked to add a new account detail. follow the guidelines to add a new card. once you have added new card details then you can follow the guidelines and send money. This seems to work for the web only. I have tried to get it done via IOS and ANDROID but couldn’t.

    19. Do you know you can Surprise your emoji?

    most times, we want a surprised emoji but don’t know how it is done. all you need to do is to hold the icon down and it will swell to the size we want. but be careful not to hold it for long if not it will become shaky then shrink.

    20. How to create an easy shortcut for a particular chat

    this is very common and easy. all it takes is for you to hold down the particular chat down on the main column. then a shortcut will be created. this was only tested for Android users I don’t know of other platforms

    Facebook New Features

    Facebook Messenger now has new features that make it better than most messengers available today. these features have enhanced the usability of the messenger in a way that it can help you perform some task just from the kind of conversation you are having.

    These new features and how to use them I will be talking about soon. keep checking this page for updates

  • Call with facebook messenger for free

When you are tired of typing or you really want to hear the voice of the person then you can use the facebook messenger call button. It enables you to call any part of the world for free. You can also receive calls from loved ones like family and friends also. note that whenever you are not on WIFI, you will be charged for DATA.

  • Sing it out or just say it with your voice

Just like the common voice note with other messenger apps, you can also choose to send your voice as a messege or even sing to your loved ones. it can easily be accessed using the microphone icon. all you need to do is to hold it down while talking or singing.

  • Schedule meeting with Facebook messenger app

With the facebook messenger app, you can choose to use the group chat as a meeting point for your business associates or for your favorite friends. You can always give the group a name then send media files so everyone can see it.

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