Flipp App

Cable providers had better move because a new sheriff is in town. Things are being done in a newer, easier and cheaper way. When it comes to the way content is being accessed. The app changing the status quo is called Flipp app (oh yeah, it is definitely flipping things over).

Flipp App

Flipp app is an innovation of Flipp a digital media company which once upon a time, was known as iMediaShare. Developed in 2012, this app which was specifically designed for Android and iOS devices. (talk about knowing your market) Allows the user access to all kinds of video content while bypassing additional hardware. Finding it hard to follow? Don’t worry. All the cool things that this app allows you enjoy for free are going to be broken down.

Overview of Flipp app

This revolutionary technology allows the user to share video content from an estimated 100 channels using a device (let’s say a phone) seamlessly with a TV set. The TV may not necessarily be a smart TV- although that is much nicer- it will still allow you enjoy the experience. What makes this technology so ‘revolutionary’ is that the video is being streamed directly from the cloud with any wires or additional hardware connecting the device and the TV set. Of course, you may also decide to watch the movie on your phone screen but what fun is that when you can enjoy the full dividends of a big screen to immerse you in the experience?

Do you realize the implication? This wireless connection between the television and handheld device means you can do away with your cable provider and choose whatever content you want to watch at any time.

Flipp app allows access to on-demand content ensures that you enjoy you movie-watching as it provides quality videos of all sorts, including funny clips, movies, music, documentaries etc. What’s more is that this app collaborates with established mainstream stations like CBS, BBC, National Geographic etc. to offer up-to-date content to its users.

The company boasts of being able to connect the app to at least over 7000 manufacturer models of television and has about 250 million television sets connected.

How to Use Flipps TV

The app is easily downloadable from Google Play store. To set up the app for use, you would have to turn on the internet connection on your television set, making sure that your phone is connected to the same network. Afterwards, all you have to launch the app on your handheld device then select the video you want to watch. It will ask you which screen you want to use, the small or the big one. Select your preferred option and voila, it is a done deal. Here is the flip website

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Pros of Flipp app

  • The unique selling point of this app is its ability to wireless and effortlessly connect you to your TV thus enhancing how it all plays out.
  • It comes with lots of appealing features such as parental control, setting the preferred volume, sharing what you are watching on social media, a history option that allows you replay videos etc.
  • Flipp app provides quality videos, mostly HD and there is no buffering problem.
  • Flipp app also allows you be in control of what you watch as you can flip channels using the app from the comfort of your sofa.
  • The app is user-friendly with an attractive interface. You also don’t have to be a tech whiz to set it up. The Wi-Fi on both your phone and TV do the most of the job for you.
  • The sign-up that is required just before you watch any video content allows the app to subsequently suggest to you, depending on what you watched previously.
  • A classified arrangement of videos, making it easier to find videos you want.

Cons of Flipp app

  • The premium app available is not as laudable as the free app. You are advised to just stick to the free one.
  • Each time you pause a video, you might run into an advertisement or two.

Is it for you?

Nothing much has to be said at this point; the pros and cons have said it all. Flipp app is an ingenious idea and it has done its best to bring that impressive idea to life. This app comes highly recommended.


Written by Angela Umoru  (AngieInspired)

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