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TVs now plays a very important role in our lives today. It very difficult to see a home without a tv. If you Think of making your TV a smart TV then try the amazon fire stick. I have decided to find a perfect day but not today to compare amazon fire stick, google chrome cast and the Roku since this three are the major competition in the market.

amazon fire stickLets narrow today to amazon fire stick. The fire stick has become one of the highest purchase item on amazon and the demand for it don’t seems to be dropping. That’s why searches has increased about the fire stick. Common searches are:

  • How to install and setup the amazon fire stick
  • Where to buy the fire stick
  • How much is the amazon fire stick cost
  • How to connect to a TV without HDMI port
  • And so much more

There are a lot of topics people searches for and we can continue listing without end. So lets get to know this amazon fire stick and try solving some common issue with the amazon fire stick.

Amazon fire stick | make a smart TV

Just like most plug and play devices, the amazon fire stick is a small device like the size of normal flash that you plug to the HDMI port of your TV. This device automatically turns your TV to a smart TV and allows you to be able to stream live services over an internet connection. This gives you the best access to Netflix, hulu services and the popular YouTube video services. You can also access services like the Pandora and even the HBO Go services. There are so many more services you can explore by just installing the amazon fire stick to your TV.

The device is accompanied with a remote control and features like alexa virtual assist plus a voice command. To access this service, you should explore the microphone button on the top of the remote. Make sure you have the latest one to enjoy all of this features.

Amazon firestick reviews

There are two types of firestick in existence, so am going to try to review the two in a very simple way. Lets take a look at the first version of the firestick

Processor Broadcom BCM28145 Dual core 1.2 GHz
Storage 1GB RAM and 8GB storage space
Connections 802.11n WIFI Available
Bluetooth 3.0 available


Lets take a look at the second version of the fire stick available then you can compare

Processor Mediatek 8127D quad core ARM 1.3 GHz
Storage 1GB RAM and 8GB Storage space
Connections 8002.11ac WIFI Available
Bluetooth 4.10 available


There is quite a difference between the two device. But both devices possesses the same video output quality which is the 720p definition and the 1080p definition. So you will enjoy the same video quality for both device.

Simple guide on how to install the amazon fire stick

The amazon fire stick is very simple to setup. It has a TV on screen set up guide you can follow. But before the the tv guide, here are what you should put into place.

  • Connect the device into the HDMI port of your tv
  • Provide the fire stick with a power source. This can be done by plugin a usb to the stick from the tv or from an AC power source
  • Set up a WiFi connection as the need for internet connection is inevitable
  • Now you can now follow the TV instructions and explore different streaming services.

If you are not certisfired with the android fire stick, you can try the Fire tv which is an android tv box. The fire tv is more expensive than the amazon fire stick.

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