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Android is the largest used mobile operating system in the world today. As the desire for more android applications grow so are the developers developing more and premium software. With varieties of software available in the Google play store, a lot of the interesting software are pay to download software. So the introduction of getapk application has changed a lot in the android market.

However when you can’t download any application from the Google play store either because it’s not free or due to any error then you should result to Get apk. You will get the free apk version of any android app you want when you visit the getapk website or use the get apk software.

Features of Getapk

The get apk app really gives a lot of features that gives it an edge over lots of android market store including the largest and popular of them all which is the Google play store. So am going to list these features below

  • In the getapk market you get to download lots of free games and applications
  • You can download all paid software for free
  • It’s not a complicated app to use so you can navigate through the app very quick and easy
  • Getapk supports as far back as android 2.2 operating system
  • The application itself is for free
  • The application has a wide range of categories to select from
  • You have the whole world of android application in your pocket
  • It has a search tab where you can explore free apps and games
  • There so many more

How to install Getapk

Getapk is very easy to install just like your normal android apps. The problem most people get where to download the app from. The following steps bellow will lead you to where and how to install the getapk app.

  • There are a lot of app store that has getapk
  • Search through various app store and make sure you click on the right apk file
  • Also you can click here
  • Make sure from the settings of your android device you permit the installation of third party applications
  • If the step above is taking care of then click install
  • Good luck in your exploration

How to download paid app for free on getapk

Once you are sure you have the right apk file installed on your device then you can download and install any paid application on play store. The steps below will guide you through the download process.

  • If you don’t know how to download the getapk file please follow the steps above
  • When you are sure you have the right file then you can continue
  • Lunch your Google play store then
  • Get to the application page of the paid app you wanted so much
  • Click on the share button below the page
  • If you click on share you will get a list of applications then
  • Click getapk from the share list and automatically you will be redirected to your get apk app
  • Now you can select a download source
  • Download and save for your use

Importance of getapk

  • Get apk is one in a million app. Applications of its kind are hard to find
  • The application provides you with more than once downloading source
  • It has an easy to use interface
  • The get apk applications covers almost all the applications present in the Google play store
  • You can always turn to getapk when your phone does not support Google play store e.g. Nokia phones and so many more
  • Getapk is the perfect alternative to Google play store

Disadvantages of getapk

There is nothing with advantages that does not have disadvantages. Despite the tremendous impact made by getapk in its merit status, here are some demerits pointed out on the app.

  • The application has a less responsive interface compared to Google play store
  • The application needs to be improved and more interesting features should be added
  • Graphically the application is poor


In conclusion, the get apk is a better application compared to the popular android play store. Despite the demerit listed above, the merit list wins. You don’t have to pay for android apps anymore just follow the steps above a you are good to go. you can read more by clicking here

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