Watching movies is a perfect way to ease out boredom, and whirl away time especially during our leisure time and at weekends. Not only that, movies have the ability to take our minds off troubles and worries. Most times, we find it very difficult to download movies to watch and sometimes downloading can be very tiring because the time it takes a lot of time for the download to complete, especially when downloading a large file. For instance, after downloading a movie, you find out that either the video file is not compatible with your device or the file has been corrupted while downloading. This alone can get very frustrating.
that is why am introducing you to gomovies.to


Watching Movies Online:

There is a major reason why people watch movies online: it is stress-free and fast. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you are good to go. Gomovies.to is a movie website that deals with streaming of movies in pure HD without downloading. Gomovies.to is a well-built website that has millions of movies already uploaded for users to stream. Getting to stream your favorite movies is never a difficult task because of Gomovies.to is here to give you your favorite movie in Just one click away.

One unique feature I love about the portal is the frequent upload of new movies. GoMovies.to probably has the best and easy interface compared to other free online movie streaming sites. The movies on the site are well sorted out alphabetically and by genre. So it’s very easy to find the movies you are looking for even without using the search button. Although GoMovies.to places ads on the website, it doesn’t  affect navigation on the site. You don’t have to be a registered user to watch movies online.

Get Movies on Gomovies.to

The website is very simple when it comes to navigation. Any user can easily navigate around and find a particular movie they are looking for. One amazing thing about the site is the archive of movies they have. There are categories of movies available for users to stream online. These are movie categories from Action, Animated, Drama, to TV series.

Gomovies A – Z List

One thing about most movie websites is that users find it very difficult to find a particular movie. This is due to the numerous number of movies they have in their archives.

There is a provision for search box which makes it faster and easier for users. This is done by entering the keyword in the search box and click the search icon to get a list of search results. Gomovies.to A – Z listing is another fast way to find movies alphabetically

You can search for a movie with the first alphabet of the movie name. Here is how to search for a movie by alphabet: When you are logged onto the site, just click on the A – Z listing at the top menu section. From the list of the displayed alphabets, click on the first alphabet of the name of the movie.

Gomovies Movie Request

This is a section where users can easily ND readily request for movies. If there is a movie you want to see and unfortunately, it’s not available on the portal, you can make a request for the movie. This is done by clicking on request on the menu section but you have to be a registered user. You can sign up on the sign-up section or sign up for an account for free. Both on the site.

How To Stream Movies On Gomovies.to

Streaming is the act of seeing movies online without downloading it.This saves you the stress of time and phone space when you have a good internet connection. Let’s see how to stream movies on Gomovies.to portal.

◈Launch your web browser and enter the URL www.gomovies.to on the address bar.

◈Search for the movie you wish to stream either using the search box.

◈Click on the movie and tap on the play icon to start the movie.

◈Enjoy the HD experience when you click play.

Note that movies are tagged by their quality. There is a yellow tag signifying the quality of the movie such as HD, SD and CAM. Movies are available in 3 different formats namely; High Definition, Cam, and Standard Definition.There is also Gomovies App available on google play store for mobile phones.

Features of GoMovies.to

GoMovies.to is a well-organized and very beautiful site.The categories are well-organized and can be easily understood by almost anybody. You don’t have to be tech maniac to know how to navigate on the site.GoMovies also features fast video buffering and streaming while playing a movie.

How to Create an Account on GoMovies.to

From the homepage of GoMovies.to, you click on the login icon at the top-right corner of the page.

Click on “Join now!” below the login popup.

Enter the requested personal details which include; your full name, username, email, and password. Tap on the captcha verification icon to confirm it is not a robot entering these details.

Finally, click on Register. Now you can enjoy other services that Gomovies has to offer.


If want to watch movies online without stress and less charges, then I gladly suggest you check out gomovies.to. Also, the movies are perfectly categorized and can actually be found easily if available on the site. The only wrong part to the site is the frequent ads that continually pop up while playing a movie, but hey! not to worry, you can still enjoy your movies. Apart from this, GoMovies is a very good site for watching movies online for free.



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