There are great marketing strategies in the world today but there is no such as Google adwords. Google advertising has become very popular in business today. Irrespective of your kind of business either large scale or small adword could change your business with just a little effort.


Adwords help you project your business to people searching for your business or a similar business. It goes as far as projecting your business for anybody looking for a business within your area. There are so much more ways Google adwords use in targeting. This is why it has become the largest used advertising media for businesses online. There are other advertising services like that of Bing trust me no one compares them anymore.

What Adwords or Google Adwords is all about?

Adwords or Google adwords is the best online advertising service. Adwords help put up your business page on Google search result as number one. At times, it appears at the bottom of the page just before you next the Google search result page.

There are many features made available to make your advert easy for you to create and effective. Some of these features are:

  • Campaigns
  • Opportunities
  • Reports
  • Tools
  • Conversions
  • Attributes
  • Google Analytics
  • Google merchant center
  • Keyword Planner
  • Display Planner
  • Then Ad preview and diagnosis
  • There are so many other features available

Google adwords How does it work

Your Adverts are set based on key words. You can do this using the keyword planner. It was listed on the features above. Once your advert is set in place, Google will display your ads whenever an internet user searches for a relevant keyword to yours. so you should bid on relevant keywords just like the one ones you know people will search for when they are looking for your kind of business.

It is certain you are not the only one bidding on keywords. Therefore, it is going to be who is bidding higher first. Searches are going to be placed on Google front page according to who bid the highest. Another thing Google do put into consideration is the relevance of the content and the website. You must be placing qualitative ads or else Google might place qualitative ads above yours even when you are the highest bidder.

What Are The Advantages Of Google Advertising Using Adwords

There are plenty of advantages when you choose Google advertising. If we decide to start making a list, it is going to be so voluminous so I am going to categorize the advantages into three as listed below:

  • People accessing your advert are typically in need of your contents. Anyone who will actually click on your advert has searched for your keyword. Another thing is that when people search for your keyword with a slight difference not really needing your content, Google could make a correction to that using your geo settings.


Google advertising is very successful in targeting audience compared to its other advertising counterpart. Google only target people that are in the search for your goods or whatever services you offer. If your goods and services are restricted to a particular geolocation, then you can use Google advertising to focus all your target around your business location.

  • No Work No Pay | Pay Per Click. You don’t have to pay Google if no one sees the advert interesting. Whenever anyone clicks on your advert only do not you have to pay. This feature alone is the major reason most people choose Google adwords over many other advertising services for their business. This feature also allows you to set or budget for a number of ads you want to be doing per day. You can share your advertising budget equally amongst the days of the week.
  • Follow up your targets with the advance tracking system provided by Google adwords. Adwords has provided a management system with a dashboard where you can track people clicking on your ads. Also from your dashboard, you can trace a number of people actually taking actions on your website. This particular feature can help you tell when plenty people visits your sites bit do not buy or request your services. You can simply make changes to effect these corrections. If you had been using any other advertising services other than Google adwords this will not be possible.

This is simply the best ad services you can get since you can tell how many people are visiting your business through your ad campaign. In addition, since it is possible to stop the advert at any time if you do not get your desired result.

How Google places advert on search pages

I have talked about this before now. If you are a good listener, you must have grabbed it. Now I will try as much as possible to explain it better. Google only considers the following factors:

  • Bid – now I know you must have remembered me talking about the highest bidder earlier. A bid is simply the amount of money you will be paying for an advert campaign when anyone clicks on it. You do not only bid on your major keywords all you need do is bid on a related keyword that way, when anyone searches for brands of car they can be directed to your auto shop.
  • The quality of your advert matters. You have to make sure that your advert campaign is relevant to the content on your website. It is in your best interest. Google will not want to be showing advert for a restaurant when a hotel was the search word. To make this easy for you, make sure you are having a lot of the same or closely related keyword.
  • Landing page. Landing page is the redirected link after anyone clicks on your advert. You have to make sure the landing page to your advert has a similar content to your advert itself.

Can Mobile Or Desktop Advertisement Be Done The Same Way?

Practically almost everything is done the same way on both desktop and mobile. But there are little differences and in advertisement, just a little difference can make a very large impact. Despite having similarities like ads display and keyword usage, some difference can be pointed out of the two.

  • All mobile devices are not of the same screen size with a desktop. Mobile is usually smaller in screen size so your advert should hit the nail on the head.
  • You should understand the fact that mobile users are always on the go. So make sure that you channel your advert considering both mobile and desktop.
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