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No matter the kind of business you do, it is very important to have local customers. Or I will say it is very important that you have a fan base. This is very important in business no matter the kind of niche attached to your business. Also, attracting new customers both local and foreign is the responsibility of every business owner. This is why Google has introduced two free tools so that every business owner can use to their advantage. These tools are Google my business and the Google place optimization

google my business

If you want to get a local customer, then your web presence is very important. The Google my business is a tool that helps you with your web presence. Also in order to get local customers, it is necessary you create a local listing of your business. And this is where you will need Google place optimization. So Google has made these tools Google my business and the Google place optimization to work side by side.

What is Google My Business | Managing your Online Presence

If you really want to manage the online presence of your businesses on Google such as using Google search and the Google map services then the best option you have is the Google my business tool. The use of Google my business is completely free and it comes with an easy to use interface. You don’t have to be an expert to use Google my business.

Also, if you feel the need to know what you are doing or you the need to have someone guide you through the whole setup and use of Google my business then you don’t need to worry. The Google my business comes with a guide section that will guide you through.

Google Places Optimization | How to optimize your business

Google has done a lot to help people make their business a success. Introducing the Google places optimization to assist business build their online presence was a nice idea by Google. Google places optimization has optimization process that you can follow.

It is better to use Google services since Google dominates most of the internet nowadays. It is hard to make use of the World Wide Web without making use of Google services. You can click on this link to learn more about other Google services. Though you can choose to extend your business local listing to other search engines, after all, there is no harm.

Google my business | Google Places Optimization Steps

Using Google my business you will have to set up your Google optimization. Am going to try as much as possible to explain these steps in a simple way. Am going to start from how to sign up to set up your accounts and coupons offer for Google my business.

  • Google my business sign in and sign up

Google has made it possible in such a way that you can use one account for all their services. If you don’t know how to sign in or sign up to Google services, you can follow this link. If you already have a Google account then this step is made easy for you. All you need to do is

  • Make sure you have an active data connection or Wi-Fi then
  • Visit the Google my business web page at
  • From the right top corner of the web page click on the sign in option
  • Then with your login details follow the procedure
  • Google my Business Relevant Location Adding

Once you are done with the Google my business sign up and sign in, then you have to add relevant locations for your business. This aspect of Google my business gives you two options. It’s either you use the add business option or you use the upload option to upload your business data files.

If you are using the upload method to configure Google my business, you can follow the instructions that have already been provided by Google to guide you through. The guidelines will help you create the file for upload on the Google my business. Google local business center.

  • Google my Business Hints | Explain your Business

You will have to carefully explain what your business is all about to Google. This writes up should be detailed such that it contains relevant information like business address and contact information. This is going to help you place your business on Google map at the right place.  This procedure will help you guide your customers finding you.

When providing this information, it needs to be brief and make sure it is not more than 200 letters. With the fact that you have limited space, make sure only relevant and precise info about your business is provided. If it happens that your business was not correctly placed on the map then you can use the FIX INCORRECT MARKER.

Also, helps location of your business easy for both customers and potential customers. Automatically this will increase your customer base. This procedure can have an instant effect to your business or can be for the future.

  • Business listing

Two things are involved here, it is either you add a new business listing or you choose to claim an existing listing. Google my business make use of these listings to help fill up the space provided for business directories on the Google map.

It is very possible that your business might have been enlisted by Google already. But if it is not that in your case all you need to do is use the add listing button to create new listing for your business.

  • Attach keywords to your business listings and how your business can be located

The previous step plays a very important role in gaining new local customers to your business. Now you there is need to provide time at which your business is open and payment options. You can read more about payment options following this link

There are other info that you can provide apart the open hours and payment options. You can choose to enter info like categories, videos, photos, and various additional details. In this categories, you can choose to make use of keywords.

  • Validating your Google my business

Impersonation is one great problem faced in the world today. So using Google my business, you will have to validate your personal information to prove ownership of the business. Validating your Google my business is very easy.

You will be giving options to choose from so you will have to choose the one that is more convenient to you. It can be done either by your mobile phone number or by email address. It is advisable to cross check the details you provided before proceeding.

Once you click on your preferred validation option, there will be a prompt to enter verification pin. If you have chosen the email type of verification then the pin has already been sent to your email. And if you choose the mobile number method then it will be sent to you as a text message. Get the pin and enter for verification. Once it is validated, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

  • How to Setup Your Dashboard

If you have followed all this steps accordingly then you are few steps away from getting new local customers to your business. Google my business – the new dashboard provided has detailed information on actions and impressions even search quarries. All this will help you learn more about how people visit your business and what platform they come from.

Google my business has made sure that you can make changes easily to your business such that you can get new local customers always to your business.

  • Offering Coupons

Customers love coupons so if you are looking forward to attract new customers it is advisable that you create coupons to attract them. You can easily create coupon to your listing through Google my business dashboard.


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