google cloud print

Google cloud print helps you connect your printer to your Google account and gives you the option of printing your documents from a wide range of devices and application at any time. It is possible to use this service across any Google account. Meaning you can share it to anyone with Google account.

google cloud print

Google cloud print has made it possible to print your documents from anywhere you are so far you have access to your Google account. I will be putting you through how to set up your account and your printer. So let’s get started.

How to set up a printer for Google cloud print

It is possible to make printing of your documents over a Wifi connection or you can decide to share your printer over a network with other people also if you will be connecting to Google Cloud Print then you will be needing the following:

  • The first thing you should put into consideration is if your printer is equal to the task. First, you will be needing a printer that can connect using Wi-Fi
  • Another important consideration is Google chrome installation. You will have to make sure that Google Chrome is installed on your PC you can check our previous article on how to install Google Chrome on your pc

How to connect your printer to Wi-Fi

  • First of all, you will have to make sure the printer is working and turned on
  • Then make sure your Wi-Fi router is switched on and ready for connection
  • Connect your printer to the wifi
  • Once the above steps have been followed carefully then
  • Boot your computer and connect it to your wifi. Make sure the printer and the wifi are connected to the same wi-fi

How to set up Your Printer ready with Cloud

A lot of printers comes with cloud ready. If you don’t know the status of your printer, you can follow this link and check if your printer is cloud ready.

Most printers do have V2 attached to the printer name. If yours has this, then your printer is equipped with cloud version 2.0. But if your printer is cloud-ready and does not have the V2 in its name, then it is equipped with cloud version 1.0.

It is possible that your printer is not listed but is able to connect to the wi-fi. If this is your case then all you need to do is connect to Google cloud print. This steps below will guide you to connect your printer either cloud ready or not.

Non-Cloud Ready Printers

  • Make sure you are either using the windows or the mac system.
  • Locate the settings of your computer and click on the printer section
  • Start your chrome browser than on the address bar you should type “chrome://devices” then press Enter
  • Locate the classic printers and add printers
  • Click on the manage printers. This will help you to confirm if your printer was added.

How to connect a cloud version V2 Printer

  • Start your chrome browser than on the address bar you should type “chrome://devices” then press Enter
  • Make sure you find your printer by locating the new device section.
  • Then you can now click on the printer then manage
  • Make sure you click on the registration button to confirm your registration
  • Then you can check your printer if its registered using this link make sure you click on the printers

 How to connect a cloud version V1 Printer

  • From your computer, make sure you visit the cloud ready printers page
  • Then follow up with your computer manufacturer
  • Locate a link at the bottom of the page that says link to go to your manufacturers help or support website
  • Now you can follow your manufacturers supports to get it set up

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