google hangouts app download


Google hangout is a social media application which supports for instant messaging, voice call, SMS features, video chat, and other interesting features. It includes google+, it has incorporated the Google+ messenger and other previously messaging platforms already created by Google.

google hangouts app download

The google hangout also stands to become the google voice in future, google voice which is a telephone service that provides services like voice and text messaging, call forwarding, international call services for google account users. Google hangout provides all these features of google voice and all users can be messaged through their Google+ accounts.


Google hangout provides many features which include:

  • Android and IOS mobile apps
  • Picture sharing
  • Less third party app access
  • watermark for user’s avatar
  • use of colorful emojis during chats
  • Conversation between two or more users
  • Users can be accessed through Gmail or Google+
  • Synchronization of chat histories between devices online
  • Browser extension for internet explorer users
  • Group chat with up to 10 users at a time
  • picture back up in a private Google + album
  • Free voice calls to other hangout user and call to Canada and the united state
  • Google Hangouts and Hangouts dialer apps for call on other android mobile devices
  • ……….And so much lots more.


The knowledge about google maps will create an ease in hookups, conferences, meetings, and other social interactions. You can chat through video chat, know and get your team together to collaborate with you, share files and information across the world. To be able to enjoy all these features, follow these steps carefully.

  • Sign in to Google + on
  • Click on hangout which is located on the left side of the Google+ page
  • Click on the Google + to create new hangouts
  • Your list of contact and circles will appear
  • You can now check on which of your contacts or circle to add up on the hangout.
  • Click on a contact or an existing hangouts to start messaging them.


  • You can adjust your chat settings by clicking on the setting button located in the chat window for all desktop users. For mobile users, tap on the menu button to select the settings option that they like.
  • Remember that when the person you texted is not online, the messages you sent will be received whenever they log into their hangout accounts.
  • Download the app to your iOS or Android devices to access the app on the go. Take note, chat histories are usually saved online so whatever device you pick up “on the go”, your chats are still saved and covered.


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