google keep app

With Google keep you can stay in control of what happens around you, by quickly and easily organizing everything you want To remember, no matter where you are, you can Take a snapshot what is going on around you, and file I away with google keep, and Google keep helps stores then away across your devices and when you need it, it will be here.

google keep app

Google keep is a great tool that works on mobiles phones, IOS, computer, tables or even accessed on the web which will automatically sync and keep all your notes stored in the cloud, Google keep was developed by Google and I was launched on March 20, 2013, just after the launch of Google keep I a review praised ITs speed, quality of voice notes, synchronization and the widget ha could be placed on android home screen, It is a simple, fast note Taking Tools


It can be used as a reminder, for instance, if on the 11h of October you have an event you don’t want to miss you can set a note reminder on Google keep and your note will remind you, you can even share the note with other people clicking on share. it is how To share if you finding It difficult To share notes;

  • Go To Google keep app on your mobile phone,
  • Tap on the note you want To share,
  • Tap action, Tap collaborator,
  • Then you will enter a name, email address hen you will choose a name or email address.
  • To remove someone from a note jus remove
  • Then on the Top right of your screen and click save

Making Notes

You make different kinds of notes, for example, you can also create a list by clicking on the list icon and then start listing you will like To make, I can be list of task you still have to complete or a shopping list and once you click done you also Tick the items and hey will appear crossed out. Also, You can set a location-based reminder to pull up your grocery list right when you get to the store.

You can also add image on your Google keep by searching for images on your mobile phones or computer and Then upload it and exit from images can be extracted using optical character recognition technology

It can be used for voice recording or audio, voice recordings can also be transcribed. Recording of words can also help you with the correct pronunciation of the words.

It can be used to copy text to Google doc jus press “copy to Google doc”

in October 2016, added a feature o Google keep called “pin notes”, which keeps your note, That appear in order That they are created.


  1. first, go to Google play store on your android phone or able
  2. search for Google keep in the search box
  3. Tap install and launch The app. Bu for computer users, go o, Then a The op click “Take a note”

Getting started the Google keep

You can start by creating or editing a note, make list, labeling notes, you can also color notes, archiving notes, and you can also set reminders

Note; notes can be categorized using, it can also be color coded, this can be made using your voice

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