google scholar

A lot of people do not know the right place to search for information when they write projects. A final year named Michele was writing her final year project, she couldn’t get any materials related to her topic in the institution library; she was so confused and agitated. So she decided to inquire from her friend. This friend of hers Mary was almost through with her project work. This was how she was introduced to Google scholar journal.

google scholar

Discover articles from the various field of study using the Google scholar. This is another Google creation for scholars. It is now very popular that 50 per cent of scholarly searches on the internet ends up at the Google Scholar website.

What is Google scholar?

Google scholar is a free web search engine that is easily accessible to everyone. This has made it possible for anyone writing project articles to derive various information’s from journals, articles, university storage flotation for files. Files such as downloadable software packages or files in source control system or from other websites that are being identified as scholarly.

With Google scholar. You can discover scholarly articles or source that is related to your topics. This will save you from visiting the library to search for related topics to yours. Google scholar creates an easy basis for teaching with articles online which are very understandable.

It doesn’t have any restriction on any person; you can get the latest review on any project works, journals, articles, pdf files, University archive files or depository. All these will make your work faster and easier.

How to Access Google Scholar

To access Google scholar is very easy. All you have to do is follow the following guide lines that I have stated below.

  • From your browsing device, visit the URL
  • Click on the setting link from the left at the top of the page
  • Under the settings, then click on the Library link on the right side of the page
  • Then you can now type the focus of your research i.e. from a particular institution
  • Click your desired result from the list provided and then save. Once you save, it means all the article you will be provided with will be from the library of that particular institution you have selected.
  • Once this procedure is done, then you can now go back to the Google scholar platform and perform your search related to the topic you are looking for.

Important of Google scholar journals

There is various reason why you should use the Google scholar journals. Once you are conversant with the website, you will notice the following advantages.

  • There is a limit to a specific time frame
  • There are links to different citations of articles on that particular article you are accessing
  • There are links showing you the full text version of the article
  • You can set up an email alert to help you keep tracks of when new articles or materials are discovered
  • You can get your references fast and easy.

In conclusion

Google scholar is a search engine created by Google which has helped many people around the globe to carry out a research work quick, smoothly and easily. It provides you with the latest article that has just been reviewed, University depository, journals, pdf files and so much more.

All this help you ease your research work. All you need to do is visit the website to get your research work going without stress. You can also create an email or set up an email alert to let you know when articles are being released or reviewed.

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