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google video

Google video which is a part of google’s peripheral web properties is another great way to view multimedia content. Not just from YouTube but other video search sites. This google video service was started in 2005, which later expanded Google’s reach into videos with the purchase of YouTube in 2007.

google video

Unlike other Google search services, this property has evolved quite a bit over the years. Google video is a simple search tool that help retrieves video from YouTube and other relevant video sites.

If you are looking for a very simple way to search and watch videos, Google video is a very good choice.


Google videos much like other web services are extremely very easy to access. there are a number of ways you can find several free videos  and movies on google videos

this goes thus:

  • Search by using keywords or phrase
  • Browse for the google recommended videos
  • Use the advanced google videos search.

All videos on google videos are viewable within your chosen browser and are mostly in high-quality video resolution. in order to watch the videos, you can simply click on the video title, or click on the video image itself.

How to Filter Your Search Results

To filter your search result, this requires a basic web search tips which need to be applied at the google videos just like they do the rest of the web, especially using quotations around your search query. e.g “Winter Sports” Once you have typed in the phrase and gotten a page of search results back, Google videos will give you a few more search options which appear at the top of the page.

By making use of the drop-down menu to filter the dates of the videos you are searching for i.e most recent, last month, all dates, etc), or to filter the duration of the video you are looking for e.g any video less than 4minutes or more than 20 minutes.

Why Should I Use Google Videos?

Google video offers a very reasonably good video experiences.

I especially enjoy the special google video series usually offered by google videos such which include UC Berkely on google videos, Top 100 also in Google videos, NARA also shown on google videos. if you are searching for a full-length movie on google videos, change the duration to more than 20 minutes, with this you will get a lot of great results.

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Search for Videos on Google

Google videos help look for videos and movies from a tangible and handful video sites search engines, which include Youtube, Hulu etc). There are a few things you can do to make your searches for free streaming movies at Google Video very easy.

these include:

–         Have a particular movie in mind: you will need to have a specific movie in mind that you are actually looking for to make your search very easy and simple because there are no subject categories or particular topic genre at google videos.

–         Make use of the search controls on the left-hand side. Once you have concluded on the title of the movie to search for, just use the search controls to narrow your search. For example, if you are searching for the full version of  “Judge of the Jungle”, select the long (20+ min) option to remove anything of shorter duration.

–         Use the Advanced search option. If all else fails, then you can make use of the Advanced search page to really search thoroughly what google videos have to offer. you can narrow your results here by phrasing, duration, language, date, domain, quality, subtitles, result by page and so much more.

In conclusion, google videos, unlike all other web video sites, provide video of good quality fast and accurately. It is easier to use and simple to search video on google video if all the info above is followed thoroughly.



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