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HOTSTAR LIVE MATCH – HOTSTAR LIVE MATCH | HOTSTAR MOVIES Hotstar is an entertainment platform, launched in 2015 by a company called Star India with its base in Mumbai, India. Like many other streaming services, it provides on-demand video services.



Originally set up to celebrate the national Indian sport, cricket as it launched just before the 2015 Cricket World Cup, the site has now grown to providing all sorts of entertainment videos. You can now get 35,000 hours of content across about eight (8) different languages.

Overview of Hotstar

The app is becoming increasingly popular, especially as it gathers millions of viewers for major cricket matches. Boasting of up to 50 million downloads and over half a million subscribers, it has up to a hundred advertisers which accounts for how it generates revenue. This free app is available for android and apple device users.

Hotstar has also launched its premium service in India and other foreign countries. It goes for 9.99 dollars in the United States and 12.99 dollars in Canada. Surprisingly, the app allows you stream only one video per time in India but the international service allows you stream two videos at a time.

The app prides itself on providing Indian content, making it a trusted site you can go to for accessing pure Bollywood movies, series and Indian past times like cricket, all live. This is laudable as it is the first of its kind of Indian origins but also a good promoter of Indian culture.

The library content differs from each country, based on the licensing deal Hotstar was able to strike and regional restrictions. In comparison to other streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, supposing you are an Indian user in the United States, you won’t be able to access videos likewise an American user in India can’t use the app.

It works well with 3G network or WiFi. It also allows you download movies to watch later. You don’t have to register to use the app but to create a playlist of movies to watch in a specific order, you would have to be registered.

Pros of Hotstar App

  • It has a good user interface; nothing fancy and so good enough for anyone at any level of computer literacy to use.
  • Hotstar app allows you download videos, making it best for when your network is crappy.
  • It has a high concentration of Indian content, making it perfect for Indians wherever they are and Bollywood movie lovers.
  • It allows you stream even on 2G network.
  • Hotstar app offers language options, including English, Hindi, Marathti etc.
  • It does not have too many ads despite being a free website.
  • Hotstar app gives room for the user to rate the movie while watching it.
  • It does not require sign-up.
  • The app comes with a lot of content in its library. It can even go as high as a thousand videos.

Cons of Hotstar App

  • First of all, a problem with this app is the viewing restrictions. You can’t use the app if you are in certain location and that defeats the entire point of having an on-demand video app on your mobile phone.
  • It is superb that there is a lot of Indian content but that can be a bummer if you want to watch other content for a change. The app needs to diversify its content some more so it can be a one-stop shop for all kinds of movies and series.
  • You may experience buffering problems. Talk about annoying!
  • It is good that there aren’t too many advertisements that may hamper the experience but the fact that you can’t skip through it makes it a bad feature of this app.
  • In the event that your movie gets interrupted by a message or call, the app takes you back to the homepage. This is a major inconvenience. The ‘resume’ feature only works if you are registered on the app.
  • Despite claiming that shows are available for download while movies may not be, on trying to download some shows, you might not be successful.

Should you get Hotstar App?

If you are really in interested in Indian content then this app should be on your phone. For a relatively new app, it is on the right track as long as its performance issues are fixed. The developers should ensure that the app does what it claims to do. More international content should be made available. Overall, it is an average app.

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