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whatsapp web

Whatsapp is no doubth the most used messenger in the world today. And it’s no more news that whatsapp web now exists for your personal computers and some tablets that do not support the whatsapp app. Whatsapp web was made available through the aid of an extension acceptable by most computers.

whatsapp web

When working with your computer, it could be very stressful switching from your pc to your phone. So it is preferable to have whatsapp installed on your computer and all you will have to be doing is to switch amongst tabs than devices. Its not a surprise that some people don’t know whatsapp web existed and some don’t know install it on their system.

This article will enlighten you more on whatsapp web, how it function and how you can get it installed on your computer. Whats app web can also be installed on other devices different from your computers if the device supports common web browsers.

How Does Whatsapp web Works

Whats app web is an extension application for your whatsapp mobile app. What it does is help you synchronise your whatsapp mobile app to your computer system. You have to go through an activation process that involves you linking your smart phone and the whatsapp web together.

Whatsapp web help you have access to your whatsapp in more than one place. That is to say, you will be able to access your whatsapp mobile app at the same time your whatsapp web on which ever device you have installed it.

Which phone or devices can use whatsapp web

Like I said earlier, you are expected to connect your whatsapp web with your whatsapp mobile app. And this feature is not available on some phones. Though you will get the features on most of the phones listed below.

  • You can use most android phones
  • All iOS with the configuration 8.1 or higher
  • Nokia s60
  • Windows phones with the configuration 8.0 and 8.1
  • Nokia S40 EVO
  • Also BlackBerry devices
  • OS 10 BlackBerry devices

Once you are equipped with any of these phone then you are ready for a start.

Whatsapp requirements for for enjoying whatsapp web services

According to whats app, you will have to meet the requirement below to be granted the opportunity of using the whats app web.

  • You must be an active whatsapp user. Meaning you must have your account active on a mobile phone.
  • Find a means of connecting both device to the internet.
  • Make sure your internet browser is up to date
  • Supported browsers are chrome, opera, safari, edge and internet explorer

Why you should install whatsapp web on your computer

  • You can switch easily from working to attending to personal issues
  • You get to have a better view and handling of multimedia
  • Get a better handle of groups messeges and manage your group easily
  • With whatsapp web you can read lengthy messeges with ease
  • When ener you are lagging behind and you have a plenty messages waiting you, you can easily scroll through all your messages
  • Typing and responding to messeges is easier and faster

How to install whatsapp web on your computer

Whatsapp messenger has reached up to one billion users today. This means that there are huge conversations going on on whats app. You don’t have to keep large conversations always on your phone. It is much easier when you use your computer.

Below is how you can set up your whatsapp on both computer and your mobile device. This will give you a lot of advantages like having to access your whatsapp from two different places. Once you are sure you meet all the requirements listed above, then you can continue with the following installation steps below.

  • From your browser in your computer, visit the URL
  • Connect your phone to the internet and make sure your whatsapp is active
  • Launch your whatsapp mobile app
  • Choose the next steps according to your phone
  • If you are using an android phone
    • Select menu from the chat window
    • Then click on the whatsapp web
  • For those using the nokia S60 and Windows mobile phones
    • Select your whatsapp menu
    • Then you can now click on the whats app web
  • If you are using the apple ios phones
    • Then settings will be your target
    • After selecting the settings then you can choose the whatsapp web
  • BlackBerry users can follow the below settings
    • Go to your chat window
    • Select menu
    • Then select the whatsapp web
  • OS10 BlackBerry is different from the other blackberry
    • Swipe your screen upward
    • Then you can select the whatsapp web
  • For those still using the Nokia S40 phones
    • Swipe your screen from the bottom and select the whatsapp web
  • After following the settings above according to your device settings
  • Then scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen
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