The Internet sector is growing strongly. It’s a great way to grow your business or get into entrepreneurship. Here are 10 ways on how to make money


how to make money on the internet
how to make money 2017Earning of money on the internet is not easy, at least not in the sense which lets think some ads in net. As in any sector and for most activities, earn money with the web application of the work , the time , the investment and preferably of passion . But thanks to the internet you will have many more opportunities and opportunities to reach new customers and generate income .

1. how to make money using AdSense Advertising

Adsence reports little

On a site with less than 100 visits / day AdSense will not bring you much

When talking about monetizing sites first we think of advertising and when talking internet advertising invariably think of AdSense , automated ad Governance Google.

The advertising on the internet is a very good way to make money … to requirement to have a site with a lot of hits . If this is not your case, putting ads and especially AdSense will not bring you much. So why put AdSense on a site if it pays so little? This will require very little work. As for earning a living with AdSense, although some sell this theoretical idea, it is certainly not the easiest way to live with the internet. Another major disadvantage: when your visitors click on an advertisement, they leave your site. In the long term it is a loss of revenue by other channels.

2. how to make money using Sale of advertising space

If you have lots of visits to your site and want to monetize via advertising you have more interest in spending directly by advertisers or contact the governed who can negotiate for you favorable remuneration. Despite the strong mutation of the internet, many sites still work on this model .

It is up to you to know how to negotiate correct prices. Knowing that below 1,000 hits a day you will be interested very little Boards and large groups. You will earn more than with Adsense and the more you will accept to be “invaded” the more you will be paid. This can range from 100 € per day (for 1000 visits) to double or triple for a full dressing of the site “allocine” way.
Advantage advertising? You can continue to do what you used to do, maintain your visits and settle for that because as long as you have visitors the advertising will pay you. What makes this kind of monetization compatible with almost all site themes , provided they have visitors. For example information sites.

In return, you must of course accept the intrusion of advertising on your site, which can repel some visitors and is sometimes not very compatible with certain themes from an ” ethical ” point of view .

3. how to make money; Sponsored articles

A section sponsored is an article on your website, controlled and paid by a company so that you will give an opinion on a product or services . This is the equivalent of the infomercials in magazines and paper magazines except that most of the time an advertorial is already written by the company whereas a guest article can (not always) be written by the owner of the site to From materials provided by the advertiser.

The most of the time this kind of article is published on such sites blog or have a blog section. If this is your case, you can by this create additional revenue, but avoid flooding your visitors with items because you would exhaust them.
The remunerative potential of the sponsored articles is therefore rather small , which is why they must negotiate firmly, both on the price side and on the content side. Feel free to negotiate your rates to increase in function of your visits . A site that interests an advertiser can start at € 50 per article and go up to € 100 as soon as visits increase above 200 per day. A 1000 visits per day you can easily ask in the 500 €, especially if you negotiate directly with the companies.

Be aware that your sponsored articles

Be aware that your sponsored articles will remain on your site as long as it exists, meaning that the company that pays you invests not only for the present but also for your future visitors. And when you reach the 10000 visits per day these companies will be happy to have paid you 500 € instead of paying 70ct per click on Adwords.

In any case do not try to deceive your visitors. If you do not like a product or service you want to promote, do not praise non-existent merits. Negotiate before signing the right to criticize . Moreover transparency pays often better, so do not hesitate to post the sponsored articles to your readers.

4. how to make money Selling Links

just like selling Newspapers in the rain You can sell your space, Do not confuse selling items and selling links . If a sponsored article most often has links leading the reader to the site of the company that ordered it, these links are not necessarily in DoFollow. When you sell a sponsored item, you are selling the attention of an audience : yours. When you sell a link, you sell SEO based on the reputation of your site in the eyes of Google and other engines.

How much can you earn with links? It’s very variable . Some specialist companies offer remunerations of 8-10 € link, in automated processes. But this can go up very quickly to 100 or 200 €, especially if you cover the link in question with a small article.

However, be aware that Google prohibits the sale of links . Thus, even if he is unable to differentiate a “spontaneous” link from an “incited” link, he is perfectly able to spot the processes of selling massive links. You have to see if you want to test the limits of Google …

5. how to make money with Affiliation

Affiliation is a form of advertising , which allows you to earn a commission on every sale made through you. You will not touch anything until the visitor has bought something, but you will earn more than a pub if the latter buys something. This is the case of the Aweber advertising to the right of this page.

Affiliation is via identified links . Since your visitors are identified by these links you can place them where you want and therefore give your communication the shape that suits you best. This can be an article , an image , a video , twitter , facebook , a mailing, a newsletter , etc. One of the few restrictions is that of Adwords, which recently banned from making ads with affiliate links.

When visitors become your customers they are usually for one month . If for example someone clicked on your link to discover a site but only buys after 3 weeks, it will still earn you a percentage of the sale.
The rates range from 5% approximately in Amazon at 50% or more for some digital products sold on clickbank . Which implies that if you do a good sales job, it will be much more profitable than paid click advertising.

Here again avoid deceiving your visitors or you will forge a bad reputation and lose them. Some webmarke- ters, for example, have fun connecting affiliate links to link anchors that have nothing to do with landing pages. Very questionable practices.

6. how to make money with sale of products

The sale of products is most often via e-commerce sites . Many small businesses are embarking on e-commerce. It is a great way to sell its products directly or to offer new products to a customer already conquered. In fact e-commerce is for many an opportunity to diversify .

Via an e-commerce site you can sell solid products but also virtual products . This is one way to simplify significantly the inventory management . But this is not the only solution for not having to manage stocks. Many sites actually serve only storefronts on behalf of other companies, generating revenue through commissions without having to buy anything.
Is it easy ? No, no .

To sell you must have prospects therefore visits. To have visits you have to interest some public and this one must love the products that you sell. In other words, even if you are simply an intermediary incentive to purchase, you will have many skills in web marketing , in management sites in SEO and probably in programming . Unless of course they have enough to invest and subcontract. to make money by Offering your services

A gardener can sell tools Offering its services on the internet should be the basic principle of any service company, including independent contractors. Whether it’s creating a resume online, showing your work in pictures, explaining your job , showing your skills and accomplishments , the Internet has proved its effectiveness : 4 times cheaper than traditional media (TV , Magazines, posters) in terms of communication, in other words 4 times more effective .

Selling its services on the Internet is therefore quite logical for a company or an individual working in the tertiary sector. But rendering services takes time . Once you reach a certain stage, you will not be able to sell anything and you will have to find solutions if you wish to continue the development of your structure.

The increase in tariffs is one, the subcontracting another, or the creation of jobs . This will require you to develop skills in resource management, both financial and human . to make money by Creating your own digital product

The royal way to generate income on the internet , say pro bloggers, is to create its own digital product . Most often it will be a training, a personal development aid, or guides. Firstly because you can sell this product yourself and therefore keep 100% of the revenue , but even in the event that you would appeal to affiliates to sell your product, even if you give them 50% of the price you remain a winner. It is your product that is bought, with your name on it, so it is your reputation that grows if you have done a good job and therefore your address book is developing and at the same time your future earnings on others Products.

Creating your own product is not that difficult

it’s all about getting started . If you have a real skill in a field or if you develop such a skill you can share it. Many bloggers have started without experience in a field that they were passionate about. And eventually they saw work prospects.

But developing such a product requires time, attendance and multiple skills related to the Internet, which we spoke about above for e-commerce, with a dose in addition to pedagogy.

9. how to make money Selling contact files

This practice, although existing, is not recommendable . First know that sharing details of a particular without express consent is prohibited , selling more so is even more reprehensible. So of course you can put somewhere in small print that sign up for your newsletter implies to agree to get spammed. And unless you put up a whole system to dodge the law like the critics, it will not bring you much.

Because what is the point of selling your hard-won contact lists, people who trust you and to whom you regularly offer and sell products?
As for the addresses of professionals , the law is different. They are legally public , so anyone has the right to own them (you will still have to declare your list). But again, as far as we are concerned, we have no reason on the Internet to treat visitors to the professional sector differently. to make money through Donations

There is no need to dwell on this point. You create content, offer you free services ? Nothing prevents you from offering your visitors to make donations , for example via a paypal account.
You just have to declare them as income , pay a VAT (if you pay it), taxes , taxes, and so on. Unless you create an associative type structure, which is entitled to receive donations, it will be the owner of these donations.

Combining these resources

In the end, unless you are already well established , you can combine many of these ways to make money through a site. For example, you can develop an e-commerce site and add advertising or a blog where you offer your services and write guest articles, etc.

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