koora shoot

Are you looking for alternatives to watch your best team play, and then koora shoot is your right option. You can stream different kinds of sports using koora shoot. Amongst different sport streaming sites, koora shoot has very unique features. Though the website originally offers their service in Arabic.

koora shoot

Koora shoot is not just dedicated to live sport streaming. You can also get the latest sport gossip, features and so many more. The koora shoot interface is very easy to use and it is a mobile friendly design. You can access the website using many of the popular web browsers.

There are other services that offer live sport streaming. Just like koora shoot, we have yalla shoot, goatd, goatdee and so many more. You can learn more about them by following this link to learn more.

How to use Koora Shoot in English | www.kooora.com

Koora shoot originally offer their services in Arabic. And this does not mean you cannot access them in English. There are two ways to solving this problem. It’s either you click on their English services and navigate to a different domain of theirs or you could use translation services.

Even though you can stream your sport events by just following the pictures and not bother about the language, most people prefer being offered services in English. The steps below shows how you can switch among koora shoot language services.

Using Koora shoot in English | English tab

  • From your browsing device, launch your web browser. It is preferable to use Firefox or chrome
  • Then visit the URL www.kooora.com
  • By your right hand side beside the time, there is an English link. Click on it
  • Once you click, you will be redirected to their English service. Goalzz.com
  • If you are not ok with your new services, then
  • Click on the kooora link by the top left hand corner

Using a translation service on Kooora.com

This is the one I use because I still get to watch my matches and access other services with the popular kooora interface either using mobile or desktop version. You can follow the steps below.

  • This is very easy for those of us using Google chrome
  • But for those using Mozilla and other browser, you will have to install Google translate add-ons
  • Then you can visit the URL www.kooora.com
  • If you have install the add-ons or you are using Google chrome then a pop up will appear giving you an option to translate to English
  • Now you have all the services in English without navigating to a different domain.

How to stream live match on kooora

Apart from the news and blog section of the website, the major reason most people visit the website is to have access to live streaming of sports. Especially the live football matches.

  • As we all know, if you want to stream live matches, then you will need internet connection
  • Then from your browsing device, visit the URL www.kooora.com
  • Click on the “most important matches”
  • Then you will be provided with the list of matches ready for stream in that day
  • Select the match you want to stream
  • If the time is right then it will stream automatically
  • But if not, you will have to check again at the right time of the match

List of tournament that is sure to watch using koora shoot

You will readily stream any of the listed tournaments below

  • AFC champions league
  • World cup qualifiers
  • Asian qualifying for world cup
  • American open women
  • American open men
  • World handball championship
  • European league
  • World cup qualifier North America
  • Champions league
  • World cup qualifier Europe
  • World cup qualifiers South America
  • Ibertadores cup
  • World cup
  • And so much more.
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