is a mobile content website that has been in existence for a very long time. It is originally in Russian language but has a language button that allows you toggle between your choices of language. Sefan has millions of mobile content that am sure you can’t exhaust. In the quest to get make your mobile phone a perfect company for entertainment; you can download music, videos, short movies, wallpaper, comedy and a lot more. sefan is just like waptick and wap king. you can learn more about waptrick or other related website, click on this

There are different categories that you can explore at and the categories are well arranged. Despite the fact that the website is an old website, it is still very user-friendlycompared to different mobile downloading portals available. Below are the various categories available at


  • New on SEfan.RU
  • Find favourite game
  • New Java Games Free
  • Android | Symbian
  • Themes | Videos
  • New Wallpapers
  • Basketball | Football
  • Parlour | Skating
  • Break Dance
  • Street Racing
  • Gravity Defied
  • Jimm ICQ
  • Search

With this entire category, you can easily access the website without any stress. how to Browse Sefan in English

Like I said earlier, sefan is a website that offers its content with Russian language as its default language. But it is possible to translate to English. The translation was made to satisfy Russians, Americans and British. Never the less, you can use the help of third party apps and add-ons to switch to whatever language you want. in English

In order to access in English, here are the guide lines

  • From your browsing device visit
  • The website loads with a default Russian language
  • Immediately after the site title, you will see three different flags belonging to the different country. Click on the country you speak and understood the language.
  • For English, you can simply click here to redirect to the English sefan

How to use add-ons to translate

If you want to translate sefan using third party software than the best option for you is the Google translate and this is how it is done.

  • From your default browser or intended browser search and download the Google translate add on.
  • Make sure the download is installed on the browser
  • Then you can now restart your browser
  • Once it is done, then you can visit the page
  • A translate option will popup translate and then enjoy your surfing the internet

How to download from sefan

At sefan, you can download whatever you want to download via the same steps. All you need to know is just how to navigate yourself around. The most popular download at sefan are the sefan games and the sefan videos. Here is an example of how to download content from sefan.

  • From a browsing device, enter the URL
  • Click on the English tab
  • Browse through the categories
  • Select the sub category
  • Choose phone or phone properties
  • Then forward to download


Sefan is an old design but still stand the chance to compete with any modern designed mobile portal. It is user-friendly and mobile view compatible. Unlike other foreign language websites, you can navigate and translate easily.

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