Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct is an online retailer and also a delivery business, Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the world which was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. This online retailer offers a range of items like groceries, home warehouse, wines and general merchandise. Tesco has their headquarters in England, UK. In terms of promotional making Tesco is measured as the third largest retail but when Tesco is measured in terms of revenue it is the ninth largest retail company.

Tesco Direct

Tesco has stores across Asia and Europe, Tesco is also the grocery leading market in the UK, it has about 6553 stores at about 2017 its website is www.tescoplc.com. During the 90s Tesco Direct was able to reach many sets of customers by offering them a wider range of products like sales of books, electrical appliances, gas, toys and even fuel products etc.

 Tesco marketing strategy

Marketing is the way marketers introduce their products to their targeted customers, Tesco adopted some business strategies to help them grow. The following are some strategies adopted by Tesco Direct.

  1. Advertisements

Advertising is the best way for a business or company to make their goods known to their targeted customers. Tesco made use of written and printed materials for their advertisements, it has also made advertisements on the television. This print consists of product shots, images. Tesco decreased in size the budget allocated for their advertisements but still used printed materials because of the long use of prints in the grocery company.

  1. Sales promotion

Tesco uses sales promotion as another stratosphere draw many more customers to shop with them. They promoted all their products and services which attracted a lot of customers to shop with them.

  • Tesco also uses clubs cards, they gave customers free vouchers from saving up points all through the year while shopping with them which encouraged customers to shop for many products because of what will be waiting for them at the end of the year.
  • They gave out free gifts, Tesco offers free gifts for their customers that shop like when they buy one product they get one free, this promo was regularly available. They can place ads about these promos on their products covers and wrappers. Tesco also used to distribute leaflets within their store.
  1. For a steady growth, a company needs to always come up with new products and services or they can as of improving the products they already have Tesco offers a wide range of products and services for their targeted customers. Tesco offered services like credit cards, insurance products, mortgages, various investments and savings schemes, electronic goods and many others. They also introduced products like biofuel to replace the standard petrol and diesel.
  2. Tesco is making expansion in sectors like mobile and tablets which is earning them huge profits. They are also making serious expansion in the telecommunications and electronics departments.
  3. Tesco diversified its products from food items to the non-food items. As we all know Tesco started its company as the leading grocery retail store company but it then slowly diversified its business into garments, books, DVD sales and rentals, financial and internet services, furniture and electronic goods.
  4. Tesco offered there products and services all across the globe using some strategies which are
  • Emails messages
  • Text messages
  • Media campaigns like television commercials.
  • interactive websites
  • Club cards
  • They also provided mobile applications for mobile users where customers can order their products from Tesco with just a few clicks.

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In conclusion

Tesco offers a good competitive price and also reliable in terms of supply. And they supply quality products. Tesco also saves a lot of time and money because you can do all your shopping at once with them rather than visiting individual shops. Tesco possesses good qualities and Is a good place for people to purchase their goods.



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