Viewster is a Swiss-based service that provides videos, movies and TV shows free of charge based on demands to audiences across 120 countries and counting. Founded in 2007, this service possesses the license to about 120,000 titles, including animes, documentaries, Korean dramas etc.


What makes Viewster more awesome is that in 2012, it launched iOS and Android applications to make the service available on smartphones and tablets. It even comes installed on certain smart television sets or can be installed from the App store so you can be part of the experience anywhere, with whatever device.

Viewster also organizes an online film festival every quarter. It boasts of being the largest of its kind the world over. Largest or not, the idea of an online film festival is not bad at all. In fact, it is superb.

Overview of Viewster

It is all about entertainment so if you are huge movie fan then this is out to give you the time of your life. It makes finding videos and all sorts of entertainment content so easy to find that you don’t have to register first. Yup! That means you don’t have to open an account or log in each time you want to watch anything, except you are using the phone app.

The ease of Viewster also extends to its level of functionality. From the homepage, the content is organized horizontally so you can just browse through with details of the video like duration, synopsis, title or rating made available. The videos are categorized based on language, chronology (the last uploaded video appearing first), genre, level of popularity or ratings. So, you can search any of the categorizations.

Another feature is the ‘Trailer section’. This allows you view the trailers of upcoming movie and behind-the-scene videos but sadly, it does not add release dates.

If you are the type who likes to watch a movie without interruptions then that is practically impossible on Viewster. However, you can’t complain about that since you are watching the movie for free (they have got to make money somehow, don’t you think?).

High points of Viewster

Viewster is a great app that allows you have a fairly good entertainment experience from your comfort zone but what other amazing features are there to be enjoyed?

  • It is free. Come on, we love free stuff. Being able to access entertainment at almost no cost is every movie lover’s dream.
  • It is diverse. A laudable feature of Viewster is that provides content that cuts across many countries and so can feed whatever preferences- fiction, non-fiction, animation, series, dramas etc.
  • The app for your handheld device is not so different from what you find on the desktop version. This is good because if you have gotten used to the bigger screen, readjusting to a smaller screen can be frustrating.
  • Parental control is available. Supposing you have the app on your smart TV or a device that is accessible to kids, you can censor what they watch such that only the defined categories will display on the app.
  • The app allows you add content you have watched before to a ‘watch later’ list. It also provides additional tidbits like movie/actor history etc.

Drawbacks of Viewster

Unfortunately, it can’t be all good. So, let’s find out if the cons outweigh the pros or not.

  • The horizontal nature of the arrangement of content for browsing can be a mood dampener, especially if you are used to other services that use a vertical arrangement. More so, if you are using a handheld device to access the site, navigation can become annoying.
  • The quality of the videos is not topnotch. This is a huge downer. We know it is a free site so complaining can seem too much, especially since the quality is not so terrible (just not HD) but having pristinely clear videos won’t be such a bad idea now, would it?
  • The video player options are limited. Most audiences would want to be in full control and be able to choose stuff like subtitles but that is not available on Viewster.
  • It does not feature current blockbusters, specifically the app. On the flipside, this is because Viewster does not get the rights for free (remember that it is licensed). But we all know that huge movie freaks want what is trending NOW.
  • Another con is that at times, when you are video streaming, it may freeze. It may last only a few seconds but that can be annoying.

So, all in all it a good site/app. It serves the basic function for which it was developed- providing entertainment content from around the world at no cost. It can get better it terms of the quality of videos and the user interface but it comes recommended.


Written by Angela Umoru (AngieInspired)

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