If you are looking forward to meeting and date people online, you should think of having a waplog account. Waplog.com account is free and it is easy to create. The waplog login and registration process is simplified. Anyone regardless of your computer literacy can follow the procedure. The community of people on this platform look forward to making new friends possibly go out on dates and have fun together.


Waplog login and waplog signup

Waplog login or registration is very easy. The procedure is the same if you are using mobile or desktop. Below is waplog login procedure:

  • Enter the URL com on your browsing device
  • If you are a registered subscriber you can enter your login details and strike the login button
  • If you are new you can click on register and feel in the registration form
  • When the step above is complicated for you to follow then
  • You can log in with your facebook profile by clicking connect with Facebook or
  • You can also login using your google account.

What are the important features of waplog?

The website has varieties of features that gave it an edge over other dating websites. These features are worth exploring and most are exclusive to waplog.com. Some of the features you can explore on waplog.com are listed below:

  • Comprehensive analysis of people in your country and people around you. In grid format, a comprehensive list of people around you is displayed upon login in. so you can make friends close to your neighborhood easily.
  • Search with your interest as a priority. Whenever you want to search for a friend, you are allowed to fill the criteria of friends you are looking for. You only get the kind of friends you describe on waplog.com and the search is quick and easy.
  • Waplog best match. Whenever you log in to your account, waplog.com displays a list of a smart friends suggestion. You can chat and socialize with them free.
  • You can connect with friends from more than 50 countries. Chat, send photos and even get to learn their culture. All these are done free.
  • Find and have new dates as fast as possible, have fun together like going to parties and visiting places.
  • Waplog wherever you go that is, it follows you where ever you go in your pocket by just Downloading the waplog app on your mobile device.

Waplog App

The waplog application is easy to use dating app. This application has an easy to use interface better than the web platform. You can find it at google play store for android users and apple store for I phone users. From the application you can easily do the following features:

  • Meet new friends
  • Access your profile and even effect some changes
  • Check the list of visitors you have easily
  • Keep in touch with your favorites
  • Send and receive messages
  • Keep in touch with friends
  • Check out your waplog suggestions
  • Also, have easy access and quick access to your likes and notifications.
  • And so much more features to explore

How to download waplog app

To download the chat app, you can simply login to your account and you will get a prompt to download the app. If not, you can follow the procedure below from your device.

  • For android device lunch your google play store
  • Search for waplog dating app
  • Select the one with the appropriate logo
  • Click download
  • give it time to download depending on how fast your network is
  • then you can save and install to your device


Waplog is one of the best dating websites with the URL http://website www.waplog.com it is very easy to get started with. Waplog has many exclusive features that are accessible freely without any premium services. You choose to meet your perfect description chat, go out on a date, and do fun things together. The application has made things easy that is you can access all the features just from the reaching out to your pocket anywhere you are.

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