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waptrick is now the best web portal to download free music, free games, free videos and free mp3 download. Waptrick.com has originally existed on the domain name waptrick.com but now you can access waptrick services via wapdam.com, waphan.com and wapday.com. There are other domain that offers the services of waptrick but from a interface. Example of these is wapking, mirchifun and umnet. With time waptrick.com has become not just the best but the fastest mobile downloading portal and has set a standard for any other free mobile downloading portal in existence or coming to existence.


waptrick games | Free download waptrick games | free games download | waptrick.one

You can download different formats of game from waptrick.com. Waptrick.com has provided formats suitable for IOS, android and java operating systems. This does not mean that waptrick.com does not have free download games for other platforms. Waptrick has games that cut across various platforms it is just that the most abundant is free android games, IOS and java games.

What Categories are available in Waptrick Games?

Waptrick.com games are so well categorized so you do not have to search for long whatever file you are looking for. Here are the different categories present in waptrick games:

  • New Waptrick Games – here you will download the latest android, IOS and Java games
  • Most Downloaded Games – in this category are popular and featured top games
  • Arcade Games – also available on this category is classic games, retro and platfoem games
  • Kid Games – then the kids must not be left behind so this category contains educational games then fun games for kids
  • Action Games – also available for download on this category are shooting, FPS, Arcade and battle games
  • Racing Games – so you can drive your car or truck and also race with opponents
  • Movie Games – then you can now download Hollywood games, cartoon games and so on
  • Classic Games – DOS Games, Atari games and retro games are also available on this category
  • Casino Games – slot Games, card and so many other poker games are also available for download
  • Platform Games – this category is meant for jumping and obstacle collecting games
  • Christmas Games – this category is for santa games and snow games
  • Sport Games – soccer, basketball, Olympic games and so much more
  • Strategy Games – RPG, Tower Defense, Turn-based Games
  • Mind Games – also present here are the IQ, Brain, Trivia and quiz Games
  • Puzzle Games – also available is Hidden object games, jigsaw puzzle and so much more
  • Misc Games – then we have the big collection of various games ranging from the most download, categorized and non-categorized games.
  • And so many more

waptrick video | Free download waptrick video | download films, videos, movie trailers

waptrick.com has a good database of videos. And a diverse video format so that the files can be available for specific device or a specific use. Below is the list of how videos are been categorized in waptrick.com:

  • New videos
  • Most downloaded videos
  • Sports
  • Cartoon
  • Funny
  • Movie trailer
  • Games
  • Big Brother
  • Animals
  • Beauty
  • Celebrity
  • TV Serials
  • Accident
  • Model fitness
  • Science and Technology
  • Magicians illusion Talent
  • Football world cup 2014
  • Interesting incidents
  • World disaster
  • World travel
  • Facebook
  • Recipe
  • Azerbaijan Gumeli
  • Then International

How to use Waptrick More Videos Feature

The waptrick.com more video feature helps bring category of similar videos to the ones you have currently viewd. And attached to it is a category of videos called waptrickvideos. This category contains “most viewd youtube and clips”. So you can click on the more videos and explore

waptrick apps | Free Android Applications |Download Free Applications

waptrick apps are well arranged just like the fellow counterparts and the categories are listed below:

  • New applications
  • Most downloaded applications
  • Phone / sms – applications like sms, messenger apps, phone tools and so much more
  • Antivirus / Security – we have all the guard against viruses and malicious apps in this category
  • Social / funny – facebook, browsers dating apps and so many other social media apps
  • Tools / Gadgets – here are customizable tools to save time and money
  • Music / photo – here you can download photo editors, camera and audio tools
  • Religion – religious applications are also available and they are grouped into: religion, Islamic apps and bible
  • Guides – also translators and phone books are categorized here
  • Dictionaries – here you have dictionaries, translators, grammar apps and so much more
  • Misc apps – in the misc app section, we have browsers, download managers media apps, uncategorized apps and so much more

waptrick music | Free Download waptrck music | funny sound, free sound FX library

music is very broad and waptric.com has done justice to categorizing the music and sound fx library together. Here are the categories below:

  • New sounds
  • Most downloaded sounds
  • Human
  • Animal
  • Effect
  • Ringing
  • Musicals
  • International
  • Vehicles
  • Siren
  • Cartoon films
  • Other
  • 3D
  • Computer games
  • Nature and then
  • Sports

Other available features of waptric.com

Waptrick.com is still the largest of all mobile free downloading portal in the world and waptrick has a lot of features being added every day. Some of these features exclusive to waptrick are:

Waptric updates – here you can access any files all across the different categories that was uploaded in to the website today

Dropant Play Online – play games online. These games are HTML5 games and can be played or supported by windows (both mobile and PC), mac, tablets, phones and so much more

Photo gallery – the photo gallery in waptrickcom is so large that people refers it has no end. The gallery is professionally arrange in different sections and categories containing interesting photographs and brow sable gallery.

Other offered services of waptric.com

Waptric offers services like:

  • “playing games online”

You can play free online games like the falling jewel, cute animals, bunny box, jelly drop, necropolis, moonlight, panda jewel, zombie walk and so many more others

  • Song lyrics – waptrick.com contains very large archives of lyrics. In this section contains all genres of musical lyrics. It is well organized and categorized searches can be done base on the artist name and songs. Waptrick.com has one of the largest and most accurate lyrical archives in the world of free mobile web portal.

Mobile Security Issues present in free mobile downloading website like waptrick

Most mobile free downloading portal is peculiar with lots of virus file. Most of these virus files are usually in different mobile file format like JPG, Mp3, sis, cab, apk and AC. The virus pretend to be a mobile file and when you download the file and install on your mobile device then it can execute its purpose of existence.

Waptrick.com is one of the website with zero tolerance to virus file. An anti-virus before upload scans the entire file present in waptrick.com. It is proper to say waptrick.com is one of the safest free mobile downloading website in the world today.

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