There are a lot of websites that were built for the purpose matching singles and searching men and women all around the world. Eharmony is one of those website created to match singles for the purpose of a long-term relationship. The eHarmony website online dating site was founded by Neil Clerk Warren together with Greg Forgatch.


Neil Clark Use to be a psychologist and writer of relationship books. And on the other hand, Greg Forgatch was his son-in-law. This two came together to bring about Eharmony project is majorly inspired by the information and experience of Neil during his time as a psychologist and also a marriage counselor.

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There are other matchmaking websites with different features to explore. I will be giving their names and a link to know more about their services.

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EHarmony way of working came through the practice of Neil during his work period rendering clinical service. During this period, he was able to matchmaker different individual because of the information he has about them. This matchmaking grew bigger and bigger to be today.

How Does Eharmony Work online dating site works with the principle of giving a questionnaire to interested users for the purpose of getting detailed information about their skills, emotional health, believes and even physical features. Then once the information is provided, e Harmony now locates a compatible eHarmony user that will be suitable for the information provided. considers the fact that opposite-sex attracts each other so it considers opposite sex first. Then evaluates other factors like time spent on, some other behavioral information and a few more.

Services that are accessible at E harmony

Unlike most dating website that just performs the task of matchmaking compatible profile together, the eHarmony goes way more than that. There are a lot of services rendered by e Harmony and I will be highlighting few. Below are services offered by e Harmony:

  • E harmony blog – e Harmony is dedicated to making a perfect matchmaking that will last forever. So because of this, they have a team of researchers that carry out various relationship research and post their findings on the website for users to make use of.
  • Large database – there are a lot of members which are also a potential partner. E harmony members are from over 150 countries and members up to seven million from all over the world. has always had a steady growth since it was launched in the year 2000
  • E harmony is always upgrading and their new version can guarantee you with 90% connections with various singles all over the world
  • Communication is very easy and fast. Messages are real time so you don’t have to fear that messages will not be delivered in time.
  • Eharmony cut across various countries and race in the world. There are various platform for Blacks, Asian, Christian, Muslims, Jewish also it accepts people from age range of 25 to 45
  • Eharmony has integrated the questionnaire to the e Harmony signup. The team of researchers is always at work to make sure the questions are reduced and make more helpful

How to delete or deactivate your account after a successful match

After a successful matchmaking, most people don’t have a use for the eHarmony account. And this is the major reason most people will want to deactivate their account. There are few steps to take if you really want to deactivate your account.

  • From a browsing device, launch a browser
  • Enter the URL
  • Login your e Harmony details
  • Select your account settings
  • Then click on your billing option
  • Here you will see an option to close account below
  • After clicking on the close account, then confirm it by clicking yes
  • Now you can check your email for confirmation
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