Yaaya.mobi is a name that command respect in the multimedia world. There are fantastic multimedia combo put together. There are a lot of functions in yayaa that if you are visiting for the first time you might question the theme of the website. The website is suited for mobile users. I love the services offered by yayaa.com


The interface is so user friendly and self-explanatory. The color combination is another thing that picks my interest. Yayaa uses icon to exlain more of all descriptions this makes the site easy to navigate. Yayaa was made as simple and self-explanatory as possible.

What is available on yaaya | yayaa.mobi

Yayaa offers a lot of multimedia services that am sure will interest many categories of people. Some of the services accessible in yayaa are:

  • You can choose to download youtube videos
  • Also you can convert youtube videos to mp3 and download
  • You can as well download wallpapers and animations
  • Downloadable from yayaa is also ringtones and audio files

Apart the following mentioned above there are other functions like the next list bellow

  • You can read your monthly horoscope
  • Read Chinese signs logy
  • You can choose to know your future with numberlogoy
  • Cricket news and live sores are also available
  • Upcoming matches and so many more about cricket is also available

How is the video quality

Video quality is one major thing people do consider before downloading. You surely want to know the quality of whatever you want to download and the format you are getting. Based on what your interest there are varieties in yaaya.mobi and the available formats are usually acceptable by most mobile devices.

Other assessable apps in Yaaya | More apps

There are so many other functions you can access at yaaya.mobi. This kind of functions are categorized under the more apps tab. They are all free online services and the functions listed below are the examples of what is available there.

  • Language translator
  • Weather forecast
  • Music chart
  • And a lot more

Video/Audio box | download youtube videos

With the help of the internal search engine available, you can search any youtube video and download. This platform cannot only help you with your download but also help you with the need to convert any youtube videos into mp3

Another interesting feature is the # tag for trends in your country or locality. I enjoy this feature so much as it helps me to catch up with latest happenings and public interests. In knowing trends around you, you don’t have to enter your address or locality. Yaaya automatically detect your location and send you some #tags as suggestions.

Today hits is another aspect of yaaya that allow you access to trending videos of the day. Here you can watch the popular videos, check the number of views, likes and the date it was added.

Available is a comprehensive video list to guide you through your surfing. Videos categories like: music, funny, cartoons, videos and animations and so many more are there as a guide to easy usage os their services. You can check the list below for a full category.

  • Film and animation
  • Auto and vehicles
  • Music and audio files
  • Pets and animals
  • Sports
  • Movie and sport
  • Travel and events
  • Games
  • Video blogging
  • People and blogs
  • Entertainment and comedy
  • News and politics
  • How to
  • Styles
  • Education
  • Science and technology
  • Nonprofits and activism
  • Movies
  • Anime
  • Action and adventure
  • Classic
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Foreign
  • Horror
  • Science fictions and fantacy
  • Thriller
  • Sports
  • News and few more

Fun Box | yayaa download

The fun box in yaaya will actually take you to a fun filled section where you will download various kind of media. This section is all about downloads and it well categorized to keep the tracks of downloads. You can keep tracks of:

  • Top download
  • Fresh downloads
  • Live downloads
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Wallpaper
  • Games
  • Ringtones
  • Software or apps
  • Themes or animated wallpapers
  • And so many more

Horoscopes | yaaya astro

This section is to help you keep up with your latest horoscopes. You can view or get info on daily, weekly and monthly basis based on the following category: love, work finance and so many more

Apart horoscopes, other embedded categories or services of yaaya are the Chinese horoscopes, numberlogy, signs calculator, helps and yaaya astrology.

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