youtube videos

Youtube happens to be the most popular video sharing and streaming website on the internet and the world’s third most visited website. YouTube videos, which however never seem to be enough for viewers, are basically provided for users’ viewing. This streaming and also video-sharing site has swiftly and almost perfectly secured its place in pop culture, majorly because it offers so much to discover. Be it Information, Education, Instruction, Entertainment Or delight.

youtube videos

Seeking Easy understandable and guided instructions, Need to know how to create a unique Head gear? Want to show your kid what a soldier parade looks like or check out the trailers of upcoming animations? You’ll find that and much more while viewing YouTube videos including the latest viral videos of eyebrows and dresses. The beauty of YouTube videos is being able to see a lot in one place at any time. But when you are not around to supervise, it’s really hard to know what your children are viewing or finding on YouTube. you can read other Google youtube articles by following this link

Using YouTube As A Search Engine

True, YouTube provides an endless source of useful information and YouTube videos teach a lot. But, Like other Internet search engines, it’s also filled with shady content and unfriendly user comments that are easy for computer-Literate kids to find and view. This probably won’t change, even with the newly created content-specific channels such as Gaming, Music, or with the paid, ad-free channel, YouTube Red.YouTube videos not only give you experience and enjoy the creativity of others but also helps you exercise your own creativity.

YouTube Contents and Age Restrictions

Parents need to know that YouTube is a video-sharing site and streaming app, and there are many videos on YouTube that may not be age-appropriate for their children. Channel owners can also now distribute live content and can launch live streams at will, which is controlled by YouTube rules. The site is entirely user-generated and relies on its community to ban or block videos that do not agree to YouTube’s terms of service (mostly for sexual content, language, and hate speech).

Plenty of inappropriate videos can come up by typing in the most innocent of search terms, so parents will want to supervise their children’s use. Videos here run from educational to Commercial to music videos to homemade clips to beauty tips to accessories. Many kids love YouTube and see it as a way of keeping up with popular culture; The term”viral” is used when viewers share the clips they like the most. One of the Internet’s most popular destinations for people of all ages, YouTube now manages its videos, suggestion clips and new “channels” based on what has been viewed previously.

Children can also discover new videos by seeing what’s popular and trending through its wide collection. These new features can easily increase the amount of time your children spend on the site. YouTube also offers parents the ability to take out questionable contents and comments using Safety Mode. However, Safety Mode doesn’t always catch everything, and it is very easy to disable. YouTube also has three channels by which users can access specific content: YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Music. Users can stream videos for free, save videos for background and offline viewing, and access new original content. As of 2017, the Youtube app created a feature that allows in-app messaging between users.

Viewing YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are designed to stream. But sometimes there could be very good reasons why you might want to save videos for watching offline. You might still pass through areas where people still point at airplanes, never mind mobile data masts that are anywhere near them.Or you might just want to save a clip for future use because you suspect it will be deleted.Whatever the reason, there are various ways to download YouTube videos.

Every video on YouTube is supposedly available to be streamed on its web portal. But most times, we crave for ways to Download YouTube Videos in other to get them saved on our devices for later viewing. However, there are a lot of reasons why most users prefer to Download YouTube Videos to watch offline. It could be that the user is always busy, either with work or other personal activities. No doubt, this person would prefer to download the videos so he/she could watch them during leisure.

What about someone who has limited access to the internet? Maybe you happened to find an open Wi-Fi connection and you do not want to be caught while using it. Or you happen have limited data on your mobile but you wish to view something online.Definitely, you would want to Download YouTube Videos on your gadget so you could watch offline rather than stream videos online.

As long and many as the reasons could be, this article will provide answers on how to do exactly what you want; Download Youtube videos. You might say it is against YouTube’s policy but in actual fact, there are free and legal ways to download YouTube videos on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.As a matter of fact, loads of videos are being uploaded every second on the Youtube portal. The way a user would like to watch these videos then depends on his choice; offline or online.

Downloading YouTube videos

If you have VLC Player already installed on your device, you can use it to Download YouTube Videos directly from YouTube. Having VLC Player installed on your computer already sets a pathway for downloading videos from YouTube. You can use the VLC application to access the actual video file on YouTube’s servers, allowing you download it directly to your computer or your phone.

The method to download YouTube videos from VLC player depends slightly on the different operating systems, but the process sure will not keep users confused or lost.Although the software can’t convert videos to another format or allow you choose your preferred resolution. Possibly, the video will download in the highest quality.

It gives faster access than other apps mostly because it downloads directly from Google’s servers. Also, this method uses the open-source VLC player; no external website or third-party app is required to download YouTube videos with the VLC Player.

 How to Use the VLC player to Download YouTube Videos:

  • Go to the YouTube portal and copy the link address of the YouTube videos you want to download.Be sure to copy the whole URL. Proceed to your apps and launch VLC Player. After the app has been launched, follow the below-listed steps to download YouTube videos with VLC player.
  • Tap “Media” menu
  • Select “Open Network Stream.” This opens a new window.
  • Paste the Youtube video URL copied into the box field within the Network tab.
  • Click “Open.” The video immediately starts playing in the VLC Player.
  • Click “Tools” and select “Codec Information” from the drop-down menu. If you are on a Mac, click “Window” and select “Media Information.”
  • Right-click the text in the “Location” field at the bottom and tap “Select All.”
  • Copy the selected text, open a new browser tab and paste the copied text.
  • Right-click the video in your browser and select “Save” or “Save video as.” Or, you could name the video, and choose a location where you’d want it to be saved.

When you save this video, it is downloaded to your computer. You can now watch your favorite YouTube videos offline, from the comfort of your home, during your lunch break at your work place, at the gym, anywhere at any given time. Download and watch Youtube videos at your convenience, at no extra cost.

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