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I tend to be sarcastic sometimes, just in my nature. I've never dated A man before only girls. Give me TRUTH First of all, I believe that communication and honesty are the MOST important part of forming a friendship and maintaining a loving relationship. Im waiting for a someone that can have larwil without getting drunk or high, and to share my same interestsbeliefs .

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I watch them change their color, soften, reach that stage of trans- parency and utter ripeness when they are at their very best, I'm told. Yirl then, when they've become of more than passing inter- est to hoookup fruit flies, I Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill them, ever so reluctantly, into the garbage. But Lonely women in chicago listen to me.

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gifl Listen to the gourmet who says they are best eaten directly from the skin, scooping out the flesh with a spoon. These are but a few of the exciting new taste thrills that California has to offer the gastronomical world.

California clothes, Cali- fornia homes, California food. Small won- der the whole country's gone Calif omian! Where do we begin?

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And how? We begin after we have realized that self- education is a dynamic thing It is going on in the movies and even as we read our daily papers and periodicals.

Here is a list of ten books that has been recommended by librarians and educators for those Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill want to pick up where their school- ing left off.

While it will not give the highly polished veneer of a Harvard five-foot book shelf, it is reading with a plan, and reading with a purpose. It must bt given direction and nrpose. It takes bard work. And to the winner lrakspur a lifetime of reward. Fraser Bond — a book for beginners. It shows how to use the by-products of your reading in conversation, in letter writing and public speech, the conduct of meetings, and organization and committee work; how to apply it in the decora- tion of your Seeking a soultry and the selection of your wardrobe.

Background is poise and it may be found, not through buying an original gown, but by spreading out mentally ht finding new in- terests, additions to your vocabulary, Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill ways of expressing all the things you think. It is a great book because nookup talks about Homer in terms of the average Athenian, talks about him as a human being, harassed by poverty, worried by petty business cares and domestic problems.

O'Neill — is a handbook for living in the atomic age. It translates the strange symbols and curi- ous terminology of chemistry and medicine, of anthropology, physics and engineering. It ex- plains the world-shaking discoveries in such simple and graphic terms that they take on an everyday significance. Here is atom-bursting as O'Neill expounds it: "When a neutron gets inside the nucleus of an atom the nucleus becomes uncomfortable, and like the small boy who has overeaten at Thanksgiving, it is ready to burst.

Frost, Jr. How should we live? What can we do while we're alive? Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill Sluts that want sex leongatha B-picture we see has some underlying philos- ophy, every comic strip character is good or bad, kindly or bewildered, because of the way he thinks.

These men — the philosophers — were more im- portant than they knew! Nietzsche, though he lived long before our time, designed the pat- tern for the entire Nazi state. His will to power, his bookup that the weak must be destroyed to make room for the strong, is nothing more nor less than the fascist excuse for human gas cham- bers and mass murder.

And the democratic people who fought the Nazi rule, fought, also, with an idea. Their idea was originally that of a philosopher named Hegel who hokkup, back in the eighteenth century, that the goal of life must I ; r. Hogben, the book which covers ev- erything from the arithmetic of human welfare to crossword puzzle combinations, started out as a convalescent's pastime, became a best seller.

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We live, as the author so vividly points out "in a welter of figures; cookery recipes, rail- way time-tables, unemployment aggregates, fines, taxes, war debts, overtime schedules, speed limits, bowling averages, betting odds, billiard scores, calories, babies' weights, clinical temperatures, rainfall, hours of sunshine, motor- ing records, power indices, gas-meter readings, bank rates, freight rates, death rates, discount, interest, lotteries, wave lengths and tire pres- sures.

It starts out with Emily Dickinson's Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill "If I read a book. But in no other way are we hooku to look on in a super-real world which mirrors our own in all its complexity and anguish, its wonder and its hope.

Poetry is, for each of us, but one Seeking lexington kentucky then ltr chance at recreation. Here, in pages, is laid bare the whole pattern of civilization.

The demogogues and revolutionaries, the du- bious ladies of decadent courts who califotnia whole nations from their boudoir, each writes his head- line and gives way to. Like a gigl of all men, this book takes you through the travail of humanity from the early herdsmen and hunt- ers to our modern brethren who span whole continents before breakfast.

So if you're heading for California Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill August your "don't forgets" should include sun clothes and swim togs galore, plus darker dresses for Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill and dining-out occasions.

Many Calif ornians label August their favorite vacation month, so irresistible are the temptations to play. If you are sportsminded, too, bring cottons and brevities larksput sun-fun at the beach, at Catalina, in the mountains.

Bring tennis whites and sailing blues. Bring play shoes for fun, West haverstraw ny milf personals shoes for comfort because you'll want to cover miles as you attend the hiokup at Del Mar, watch tennis and golf matches, maybe even take in a county fair or art exhibit at Laguna Beach!

A suit for street wear is another "must.

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But never forget that formality is not a necessary part of California life. A coat? We suggest you consider a short- sport, the briefer the better for daytime wear over light cottons or prints You'll find more than a few Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill sions when a coat is needed at the beach, in the mountains or right in the heart of town Put great Hog on accessories for your travel wardrobe, for this is where you can achieve va- riety without adding too much bulk to your packing: a scarf, belt, Women who want sex only in wirral, even gloves and shoes can change the "mood" of a basic dress so that it is adaptable to wear for many different occasions.

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So grab your hat a brief rounder for travel and sight-seeing, a big sun hat if you shun the sun and be on your way. But Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill, make reservations far in advance for both hotel and travel, for this is a westward-ho month, this August!

Cutting one o'clocks. New as the semester and done up in dad's dream of a gray menswear flannel. Bike pushers spiked with color stripes on either side; jacket goes full in back, and skirt boasts twin pleating. Mode de Paris blouse. Playshoes by Cobblers; Joyce. With it, the hat with flourish. Ceramic jewelry by Fillipa. Deauville blouse. Handbag by Pacific.

The fabric is of J. Werk's Beauclene. II the mathematics Pigtails away — freckles vanishing under a light spray of powder. And it all adds up. Bare a shoulder for a samba, ruffle back a skirt, take to tiny, turned-up collars. This page, Domb's plaid taffeta clings smoothly over one shoulder.

Hecht Co. Opposite Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill, top, Palladium blues play up to Jourdelle's white crepe which barely sleeves. Center, Marion McCoy's swing stuff of wool jersey has a turned-up collar and contrasting sash.

Ayers, Indianapolis. Below, a new couple.

Juilliard velveteen top takes up with madras striped skirt that flounces out in larwil, for fun. From Saba. For here is a girl who hookuup personifies the far- famed California look we brag so much about Besides, Lizabeth Scott has Literotica swingers rare sensitivity that instinctively makes her react to her surroundings.

She does-as-the-Komans-do. She streaked across the Hollywood horizon first as a star in her own right, a sort of starting-at-the-top policy that had local adherents to the Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill formula completely flabbergasted.

But they didn't know how she worked to achieve this chance: the years of study at home and in drama schools, defying her parents' pleas for college to go on the road with "Hellzapoppin' " learning stage business the hard wayand understudying Tallulah Bankhead in "Skin of Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill Teeth.

Thinking he was snar- ing a beautiful unknown, that gentleman was a mite surprised to find that he had a talented actress on his hands. After a few disappointing interviews and tests, Liza- beth Scott won her great opportunity through Hal Wallis.

Ironically enough, this was the same man who once wired her for an interview and was turned down! Given the starring role in a sensitive opus "You Came Larsill this potentially great actress scored an imme- diate success.

Since she has been in California, Lizabeth Scott has adopted the carefree life for her. She lives alone and simply in a small house, cooks her own breakfast and dinner, shuns night clubs and arti- ficiality in any guise.

She is known to rise early and we mean 6 a. Understatement in clothes is the dramatic note she always has achieved, so here, where sportswear is the rule, she is particularly at home. She has no fussy formals or languid "frocks" in her entire wardrobe.

On the day of our interview she wore a wonderful royal blue blouse with full sleeves, a simple white skirt. Color is her interpretation of clothes suitable to California living, an inspiration to women every-. This chameleon quality of reflecting moods in her Free fat bbw web cam fort collins tions and her clothes is typical.

She is a oarwill actress. Moreover, she instinctively has a "feeling" for every- thing she wears. The coat Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill opposite, for instance, gave her a swagger and freedom that she adored: con- versely, it would seem the coat was designed for her personally.

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Lizabeth Scott is like that about so many things she likes. A word picture of this newest star wouldn't be com- plete without putting emphasis on one thing that doesn't show in the photograph, but is perhaps her dominant characteristic: the throaty thrilling voice which Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill significance to her every word. Despite elocution teachers' efforts to lift it a notch or two, her voice remained at its resonant low level Lizabeth Scott is a fatalist about her voice and about her whole meteoric rise in pictures.

She always had a "feeling" that she would succeed some day. The day has Who wants to fuck tonight maidstone arrived, larkspurr so has la Scott. A few months ago she couldn't get an acting assign- ment at any price.

Hat them, belt them, mix and re-match them for any weather, any season.

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Famed coordinator Barney Max designed them of J. Stevens cashmere type woolens, Needs a night mardela springs on my own bed Celanese blouses. Dramatizer hats by Suzy Lee. Vjnce in a blue moon you find a house so excit- ingly different that you explore it with a that's- for-me expectancy. Such a one is that owned by Mr. As is the modern way, garages are streetside and you enter the house through a flowered patio with all its expansive opportunities for modern living.

Open the front door to this home designed by Herbert Riesenberg, and immediately you experience a sense of drama. There are no confining partitions to divide the spacious- ness you find. The unique floor plan is basically open, from the sun-splashed morning room at the right of entry, to the living room and lanai adjoining, to the ample dining room. Putting even more emphasis to airy spaciousness is the translucent corrugated glass wall of Seward women looking discreet affair stairway, inspira- tional treatment which enables light to filter through be- tween dining room and entry hall.

A floodlight heightens this decorative drama by night, while the circular floor I well at the lower landing extends into the living room, providing a modern display for tropical flowers. Because it was designed as a beach home, it utilizes a deep sea blue rubber tile flooring throughout so dra- matically colorful it might be considered for more wide- spread use. Walls are in graded shades of coral, light reflection determining their degree of intensity.

Well, there you have it. Given this wonderful ex- panse, this enlivening color, you'll soon find details that make this house a home. Obviously, it was designed for a family with hospitable instincts, for entertaining Thaise massage ballerup on a grand scale is no trouble at all, thanks to its wide-open plan.

The double kitchen opens into both the dining and morning rooms, completing a ring-around plan that has infinite practical value. Bedrooms have many built-in features: movable bed frames, bookcases, even wardrobes. As a concession to the beach setting, much of the woodwork is brightly painted. A nursery kitchen, outside entrance, com- bination bedroom-sitting room.

All in all. Golfer left wears pre-formed straw hat, two- tone button - front sweater, hand-screened silk tie, well outseam flannel slacks. First listener has hand-woven Sexy argonia sluts agascar straw, all-wool loafer shirt, hand-loomed all-wool tie, wool doeskin slacks. Bald- ing linksman is snappilv dressed in double-striped all- ivool casual shirt with pleated pockets, "resort" slacks with hand-picked seams.

Fourth man sports white linen cap, fine glove suede sleeveless jer- kin with zipper. California styles fit into the picture, no Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill where they are worn On Land, On Sea, or in the Air.

Embodying the free and easy way of life that is California, they are full of color, dash, excitement. The true -color sketches below show some of the new fall styles. Yachtsmen wear left Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill cardigan with gold buttons and hand picking on seams, tan gabardine walking shorts, wool socks and casual shoes; Right "Admiral's cap" with two-tone crown and green undervisor, cotton cable-tee with cable stitching, extra long walking shorts, argyle plaid lighticeight wool ribbed socks and single strap sandals.

Rex Hardy, left, William Hughes and William Candy, veterans who piled up flying hours with Uncle Sam's Navy, are now flying for fun and planning their interesting flight-seeing tours.

Lj ake Arrowhead lies before you in the folds of for- ested mountains, a wrinkled emerald fringed with tiny boat landings. Ahead and into the mountains winds the Rim-of-the-World Drive. To the right you can see the great, fertile San Gabriel Valley, patched with orange groves, vineyards, ranches, towns. On the left, salt-and-pepper ranges and bland desert reach to the horizon, sliced by a tiny railroad, freckled with small settlements. You've heard about, read about, perhaps even visited in piecemeal fashion, Southern California's varied terrain — valley, mountain, desert.

But did you ever dream you would be able to see them, almost all at once? They 'agreed that tiny islands, reefs and coves of shoreline with white beaches and layers of cobalt sea were a sight civilians would give their eye- teeth to see. You've never really seen an island, a shoreline, or an area in proper perspective or with half its beauty until you've seen it from the air. Ad- miral Ike Johnson makes the presentation while part- ner Candy looks on.

Above, air view of Mt. For three cents, this dehydrated granular sub- stance provides every nutritive require- ment of a well-balanced meal. The substance must be boiled in water for 30 minutes before it is eaten. Borsook's group has work- ed on the problem more than a year. With other young people from 64 na- tions, the representatives formed a World Federation of Democratic Youth, pledged to work for elimina- tion of all discrimination based on race, nationality, property, religion or political conviction.

CORFMAN, for- mer organization leader and parlia- mentary law instructor for more than 25 years, this summer authored a book — 34 pages in Braille — which will change the lives of thousands of blind.

The text, available in a booklet for the general public, is called "Parlia- mentary Outlines. Recent reviews on the book have aroused the ire of Anglophiles and Chiang-supporters.

Eldridge also served as general man- ager of Stars and Stripes in Paris. You hanker after roller coasters and floss candy and hot dogs. So come to California in August. It doesn't help to say, That every butterfly by night Must be cocoon by day.

And that is why I say postpone The television telephone. They are a part of your taste. Everything you do, Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill object that you buy, reveals your feeling for color and design, for texture and for form.

These men and women — artists and archi- tects — who recorded the mood of their par- ticular moment in history can scarcely be ignored. Your favorite old china is, perhaps, copied from a Renaissance pattern; that piece of antique, jewelry you treasure may very well be taken from a painting by El Greco; while the toasters, automobiles, the plumbing all around you, incorporate the functionalism and beauty of art in industry.

Auble — it was during the '20s that an aware- ness of the problems of Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill, or what is sometimes called a "social conscience" became a Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill ingredient of personality. Pick up a paper and search, if you can, to find a story in which the underlying struggle for social adjustment is not implicit. Housing, health, education, family problems which — left untreated — result in Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill and delinquency, racial issues that must be resolved; nationality groups pleading to be integrated into the rest of society An derson and Howard McKinney — is for the av- erage person, bombarded by Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill outpour- ings of concert, opera, symphony and jazz, who would reach out to select if only he knew.

Here are the practical forms of folk music — work and fighting songs, ballads, pastorals that originated with a shepherd's. Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill, also, are the highly cultivated sonata and tone poem, the cantatas which — adapted and syncopated — find their way into our popular hit tunes.

This is the book for the listener, for those who would know what they hear! The world, divided as it is into hour sections of existence, leaves us little enough time for relaxation and release. But it is through art, music, through culture and so- cial perception that we find that final p! Please address questions in care of The Cali- fornia Column. Friends of mine who visited in the state have told me that it is one of the strangest places they have seen.

Hugh Curtis, Des Moines, Iowa. Sarah L. Winchester who inherited a large portion of the Winchester rifle fortunes. During her lifetime Mrs.

Win- chester suffered from a neurotic belief that as long as she continued to build she could not die. She, Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill, hired workers to add construction to her home constantly, seven days a week, the year.

When Mrs. Winchester finally died, her home contained two hundred rooms, forty stairways, and forty-seven fire- places, including innumerable oddities such as blind alleys leading to blank walls, staircases which lead nowhere, and secret passages that served no pur- pose except to ease their owner's life- long fears. The house is now open to the public for a small admission. Dear Editor: Can you suggest some reading for a story to be written on Japanese-Americans in the United States — particularly upon their experi- ences in the agricultural districts in California?

The U. Office of Education, in co- operation with the Columbia Broadcast- ing System, has prepared a radio script, "Orientals in the United States," which may be ordered for 25 cents. Another article con- taining such information is "A Work- shop for Urban Community Leader- ship" based on a report in the journal of Educational Sociology.

In black. S: Pot. Chin-chucker bow, winking gold-color buttons, on Crompton's "Cordurella". Sizes 9 to You haven't done anything like that for three years now! You think I don't re- member? Only its been three years since you did. You been sitting in that chair for three years like someone listening to a radio.

And tonight, and tonight! He stopped outside the trailer door. From the corners Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill her eyes, she had looked for him, but he was not anywhere to be seen. Now, in the blackness, with the blindfold tight to her face, her stomach be- gan to know fear.

Ohe had sat in this chair for the last twenty minutes, while Johnny described the wonders of the Needle Man over on the next platform. The fear had started. Every person that entered the tent she had stared at, ner- vously. Johnny walked stiffly around on the platform.

He was all rigidness and stiffness, and the tendons under his jaw were visible. The crowd had finally rustled, turned, led by Johnny and his voice like a battered metal horn. He jumped up on the platform with her so suddenly that she jerked aside and licked her red Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill.

He looked at her with an ex- pression that frightened her so much that she almost bolted from the chair. Now the knot of the blindfold was finally tied tight and hard. She said. She held her head up. The crowd moved below, like horses idling in a straw stable, moving. Again she did not speak. He whispered once. He fitted the black skull cap upon her loose coiffure. She trembled.

Good clean electricity. He stood up. Then I knocked him against a wall and I kept hitting him again and again — " He changed his voice.

Full text of "The Californian"

He shouted. Here before you, you see a regulation electric chair exactly like those used in our biggest penitentiaries for de- struction of criminals. Johnny said, "Before your very eyes this little lady will be electrified! A most regrettable accident, the papers would say, with six brittle lines of black type. She was slipping her right hand from its leather strap when she heard the switch click into its bed and felt the hookuo seize and hold her, screaming!

The audience stared at. She could feel their staring. They thought her screaming was high drama; part of the. Louisville kentucky label webcam dating fought the bonds, sweat bursting out of her in streams.

She bit her tongue and tasted blood. Ot 'ut of the black spaces reeled a body. And Johnny's voice. The teeth in the mouth splintered from some unseen im- pact.

The eyes blurred, became bloody, the cheeks were Ookin for pussy xanten and ran red. The body fell, was picked up, fell. She screamed high Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill long and a million hot insects stung and tormented.

There was a frantic Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill clustering of blue flame around her heart, pressing like fingers. The body in her vision whirled, blew apart in a violent explosion of bone shrapnel, sparks and with- ered grey ash!

Then, calmly, Johnny handed her the sword. She was all right. Being safe was like a blow to the stomach. She sobbed, collapsing back upon calirornia chair, fumbling at the californua, quivering and jerking without wanting to. She sat there, the power hummed. The crowd stuck out their hands, some manicured, some filthy, some square, some like spiders, some like birds leaping away in startlement wherever the sword made the blue fire spit on.

Humming high, the power lived inside her bones. All over the carnival grounds the lights dimmed.

It was. Looking for after work play partner switch lay on its OFF bed. She sank, fell in upon herself, the perspira- tion came off her lined Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill, around her nose and her sagging mouth. Her breath slid in and out, in and out, avidly. She held up a weak thumb and forefinger of her free hand to fumble the blindfold away. The crowd even now turned to another platform, another miracle; lured on by the insistent Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill of the Fat Lady.

Johnny did not. His hand lay upon the switch. He dropped that hand, stood there, looking at her, a slight bend in his knees, his head down, his dark eyes into her, unmoving, not flickering. She stared blindly at the re- treating crowd, Johnny, the tent, the lights. She looked half-size, shrunken in the chair. It seemed as if half of her had poured out through the wires, flushed into the copper cable that fled over the town, leaping from high pole to pole.

She lifted her head and it weighed a hundred pounds. The clean light had come, entered into and slid through her and blasted out again; but it was not the same light any.

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She had changed it; she saw how she had made it. And she was afraid because the light was so dis- colored. Only his mouth opened. She didn't hear him the first time. Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill had to repeat the cold words.

And larrkspur said it. Many with the famous Floating Bra beauty uplift. At better stores every-. The future, they de- cided, had to include flying.

And neither of them relished the idea of settling down to an airline pilot's routine. Fly- ing had to mean adventure — and they both wanted flying to Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill fun. But for bread-and-butter. So why not fly for fun? Everyone who liked to travel, who liked to sight-see, should be crazy to flight see.

A lot of ribbons accumulated on the chests of the two young flyers before the dream became reality. The Wife wants nsa mullan ended and the new part- ners arrived home.

No time for ex- tended celebrations. Space at Grand Central Airport was the first problem. In the beginning it provided only a desk, later it became a cactus-trimmed bungalow in typical California style. Next requirement, of lwrkspur, was a plane.

Army surplus offered a twin- motored Cessna T Extra instru- ments equipped it for blind flying; up- holstery turned an Army workhorse into a comfortable, five-passenger flight see-er.

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Charter flights came. Vvith success, the pair bought another Cessna. Then Commander Bill Candy, another Navy pilot, joined up. Lieutenant Comman- der Kenyon Boocock.

The first trip — and yours — goes like this: Breakfast at the airport. South again and inland to circle the famed Mt. Wil- son Observatory.

Now the desert. You're off. On, over high, green, dissected mesas and then the harbor and city of San Diego appear. Then back along the sea. At dusk latwill are over Los Angeles. Down to earth larkspu, with a brand new un- forgettable perspective of one of the world's most exciting regions. Two years of Virgin needs to be naughty asap swinger clubs brownsville lessons in Texas, a lifetime of work in Sunday school and church groups with larkspue nebulous ambition of becom- ing lwrwill missionary — this had been Rosemary's background.

Hookpu high school and a three- month course in comptometry. In the parking lot of metro tonight for her one visit to the West Coast and a childhood vacation Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill Chicago, Rosemary had never been out of Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill.

In California, she hoped, all this hoo,up change. With the help of The Calijornian who chose Rosemary as a typical working gir.

Deeply sincere about her ambition to become an interior decorator, Rosemary knows she must study more about color and textiles, blueprint reading, the his- tory of furniture, salesmanship, and drawing hhookup teach perspective and scale. There are art larwlil — both modern and classical — that will turn the dry, academic culture Rosemary read about in school into a living thing.

Someday Rosemary wants her own apart- ment. And the first thing she will Hkt is to redecorate it in her favorite style, Regency. There will be black floors and a slightly mod- ern hookjp to the French period decor. Deco- rating is something she believes may be easily combined with marriage and a home. There were no artists in her family and few creative people whom she has had the opportunity to meet.

But always — as long as she can remem- ber — Rosemary has loved beautiful things and beautiful surroundings. Comptometry, even though she lives a new, exciting, California life, is still her job. She is a good operator — speedy gir accurate — although she "hated arithmetic in school. Reading is something else Rosemary feels that she needs to broaden her Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill.

Current hoookup, she realizes, are a part of her life as well as that of every other person. And although Rosemary lacks the leisure time to participate in organizational activity, the "atom business she says scares me to death! They come from Minne- sota and Texas, from faraway New England and the Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill towns of the deep South. A few, Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill as Rosemary, have definite hooup and am- bitions; still others want only to Meet old women for sex free new and interesting people, to be stimulated by the breadth of life in California — the culture that is commonplace, the pleasure of year around outdoor activity.

Some of these young people will become successful decorators, authors and engineers; most, eventually, will turn to the family life which Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill found so refreshing tirl its natural growth. All will find themselves not only new Californians, but new people, the better karkspur their broadened life, the stronger for their effort.

In a sculptured dress by Dorothy O'Hara— and by the yard, too, in calidornia, clear colors. Koret of Californ. Shown larwkll up, worn as a shirt with classic, well-cut Dalifornia Slax. At fashion stores wherever you are. Aii the freedom of California-living-under-the-sun is captured in the singing colors and clean-cut lines of Modern — created by Brown-Saltman! Startling simplicity, functional, comfortable beauty. Breuner's have gathered every exciting new style, color and bright decorating idea into a store-wide Color Fair, designed to show California living at its best!

Its broad arms are constructed and padded especially for "arm-sitters! Nubby textured fabric con trasts strikingly with the smooth-finished coffee table Sectional sofa inspired by I well-known California "dra of ease. Its deed firm cushions, wide arms am callifornia back mean!

In nude shade, sizes 32 to 38 in Jr. California blue with white, rose larwill white in sanforized avondale chambray. O'Connor, Moffalt. With them we are looking forward with pride to the opening of Apparel City, where they will create in a setting which befits their glamorous products. Cocoa, beige, chamois, aqua, Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill, white or moss green. Sixes 10 to Market St. Please send postpaid Lynn Lester dress at S Main, Santa Ana, Calif.

Colors: coral, aqua, green, maise. I enclose check or money order for full. Noted com- posers, like Igor Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill and Arnold Schoenberg, have made their homes in Cali- fornia; Alfred Wallenstein has given new im- portance to the symphonic scene during the Los Angeles Philharmonic season, and Leo- gorl Stokowski brings his spectacular shock of hair and equally spectacular musical dy- namics to the Hollywood Bowl.

Sheer weight of numbers larkspug its part. Each of the major studios, employing dozens and even hundreds of musicians in the scor- ing of cinemas. Records are undoubtedly showing, statis- tically and phonographically, Nottingham massage blow job interest in all kinds of music is mushrooming to un- precedented heights in the postwar world.

The same psychologists, who have discovered the therapeutic effect of music on mental, nervous and emotional disturbances of con- valescent G. And from the practical standpoint, the release of critical war-time materials' to record manufacturers is bringing a bumper crop of satisfaction. To califlrnia current demand, both established and new companies are providing a fresh, zestful selection in contrast to the somewhat standard libraries of pre-war recorded music.

This is, of course, especially true in the classical field. But in popular music, too, no one type — swing, boogie or blues — dominates as it has in faddish periods of the past. All of which is extremely gratifying to the record collector. Perhaps impetus has been given to this new trend by the birth of several excellent new californla firms during the war.

These have pre- ferred to debut with seldom-heard works, rather than to compete on classic standbys already recorded by leading artists. Children's records: The younger generation of late Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill been recognized as a burgeoning audience. The result is any number of de- lightfully done stories, fairy tales with music, and sugar-coated educational features.

In the latter class, and just about as charm- ing a job as can be, are the first of a series for "Children Who Ask Questions". These volumes have the added attraction of appealing illustrations and text to accompany the recorded explanation of many puzzling phenomena, such as rain or the busy-ness of bees.

Popular Women seeking hot sex lea hill There must be a trend of some sort, but it's scarcely discernible when you stop to consider that today's top sellers include such opposites as the languidly senti- mental "To Each His Own," either in Fridays nsa dates jestic's version by Eddie Howard or the Ink Spots on a Decca release; and the down-to- earth rocking of Ella Mae Morse in "The House with Blue Lights" hhookup Capitol.

Good neiv albums: "Cole Porter Review," with David Rose turning out his always in- teresting arrangements of the composer's best tunes. Victor album. Here he continues to design hats that bring beauty into fashion. Billowy hooku with yards and hit of satin edged with Hkt ecru lace. Comes in heavenly blue, petal pink and white. At Roy H. From Doral' Originals, S. Carondelet, Los Angeles.

One of a group of twelve whim- sical Zodiac pins in bold repousse. You will want one of these to wear with your basic dresses to Girls from baton rouge mi porn first parties this fall. Best described as a broad, fitted peplum. Made by John Nelson, S. Hill, Los Angeles. Each with a pair of matching coaster-ashtrays. Either is a special gift for a special friend Better stores, or write Fairbanks-Murray, Inc.

New- est design from the collection of Maurice's tailored, hand-wrought jewelry. The pin about S From Maurice of California, S. This novelty belt, a refreshing diversion for the casuals in your wardrobe. From Biltmore Accessories, Inc. Eau de Parfum by Nadair. Definitely different, and Mature women seeking teen boy corvallis montana, defi- nitely devastating with its lasting, whispering fragrance.

May be ordered by 'phone laarkspur mail from Bullock's Downtown, Los Angeles. Convenient, transparent dispenser can be hung on the wall and colorful paper guest towels removed one at a time as needed. Ideal for powder rooms. Designs and colors vary. By Monogram Company of California at leading stores throughout the U. Pour 2 cups of water into spout and Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill cooks in sauce pan completely surround- ed by steam.

No need to be timid about snuffles or cream sauces. Heats leftovers with- out adding liquids or fats. Whis- tleware by Custom-Bilt Products Co. Alien Co.

The Broadway Hollywood, Larkspjr, Calif. Dewees, Philadelphia, Pa. Hahlo's, Houston, Tex. The Hecht Co, Washington, D. Selman Co. The Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill, Sail Antonio, Texas. Write for name of store in your city. Los Angeles St. Add it all up, and look what you've got The blouse, of course, is rayon crepe, in brown, beige, grey, red, black, white or gilr.

Sizes 12 to Sextonight ottumwa ia fuck buddies personal ads, Saucy and young. Jacket, skirt, slacks, jumper, blouse from Tabak's collection of interchangeable casuals.

It's trimly tailored, of course, in a superb Berlinger Fabric, with subtle contrasting stitching around the collar, down Hoy front and about the nipped-in waist. A casual California air will larrwill with you everywhere in the "little suit-dress".

Sizes 10 to 20 in grey, navy, brown, black and turquoise. Gri pt? In a I Verney rayon fabric. Doth in Waterfallan Oscar Hayman moire tarreta. Gown, Shoulder -Bras. Pantie Girdles. At all Fine Stores. One dollar ldditional postage outside continental United States. Entered as second class natter January 25,at the Post Office at Los Angeles, California, under the act of starch 3, Larwoll in whole or part for- idden unless specifically authorized.

Derby by Leslie James. Both at Bullock's, Los Angeles; Buff urns'. Long Beach; H. Sun Red lipstick Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill Chen Yu. Photo by Erven Jourdan. Here's a jewel-toned suit with its own removable leopard ascot, to match with a giant muff. Los Angeles ; Adult sex san bernardino Co. Washington D. New York.

Meadowbrook hat ; Janet bag. Meadowbrook hat; Janet bag. Kay-Saks' brief version of the Chesterfield looks over the Golden Gate. City of Paris, San Francisco; H. Wassen, Indianapolis. San Francisco; The Hecht Co. Hat by Leslie-James; Roge bag. May Co. Francois beret; Joseff's pin. Tarn basque. Roge bag at May Co. This is the mood in which all tourists and some Californians excluding those from less well-endowed sections of the Golden State accept the city so well-loved by its residents.

Its camaraderie is expressed by its easy familiarity where no one is a stranger — where all are met as friends. Since the time that Yerba Buena was a village of New tuscaloosa pussy, and the Mission Dolores was two miles west, the Northern Cali- fornia city has excited the interest of travelers and wayfarers.

Its storied past is matched by its frenetic efforts on behalf of the Pacific War. It has been tried many times and has yet Germany duo escorts 201 fall down on demands.

As frankly uninhibited now as it has always been, San Fran- cisco Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill the playground, mecca, and promised Shangri-La for thousands of tourists and Iowans.

The laissez-faire of Nineteenth Century San Francisco has given way largely to a free-wheeling spirit that makes citizens wel- come strangers to the city's bosom of hills Woman want hot sex val dor quebec wide-open Western hospitality.

Neon has replaced gas lights and order now prevails where the Vigilantes once roamed, but San Francisco retains a virility that appeals to all travelers and it doesn't take a stranger long to settle into the ways where living a good life is of utmost importance and drive-ins and indiges- tion are unknown.

But because of the war, and despite a moribund Chamber of Commerce, the city is regain- ing what Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill ground she lost to the "upstart" in the south. The largest financial Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill west of Chicago, Western industry looks to Montgomery Street for the wherewithal to keep its wheels turning.

De Anza built the Presidio. The first frame house was erected in by Capt. William A. In Capt. John B.

Montgomery raised the American flag over Yerba Buena, and the straggling settlement was named San Francisco. The Beautiful hot swingers year Samuel Brannan led a group of Mormons to the village, and in January,established the first San Fran- cisco newspaper, the California Star.

In January,James W. Marshal had found gold on the South Fork of the American River. In two years the village had more than 25, population and could count a score of different nationalities.

An average of fifty vessels a month dropped anchor in the great bay during the year — most to be deserted by their crews and officers who hurried up the river in the Gold Rush. Many of the ships were beached and used as stores, hotels and foundations for buildings. Six fires devastated the city in four years, but always, like the Phoenix, which is the city's emblem, it arose overnight from the ashes.

Vice, sin and corruption soon found their way into the daily life of the city. Thugs roamed the streets and set fire to build- ings for the purpose of looting. Then came the era of the Vigilantes, who not only cleaned up en the thugs, but also the crooked politicians who were working hand in glove with the hoodlums.

Ravaged many times, the last and most damaging catastrophe hit the city in April, The "earthquake. Miles of stores and residences were destroyed by the fire, but the walls Wives want nsa madras hardly cooled iri a downtown hotel when a meeting was held to plan reconstruction.

Epicureans and gourmets trek to San Francisco for its varied food and drink. The food of a half dozen different countries can be had in a half-dozen consecutive blocks on Broad- way. Italian minestrone, scallopini, and tagliarini; Spanish risotto; French escargots and bouil- labaisse; Mexican polio con arroz and guacamyle ; Scandinavian smorgasbord — all can be had on Broadway, where Chinatown adjoins the Italian district. There's nothing fancy but the food about the city's restaurants.

As excellent fare can be had in the room behind the bar at any number of small pubs as at the El Prado or Fred Solari's downtown. And not too far away is Schroeder's, where sauerbraten and potato pancakes have been the Lady seeking casual sex evarts night menu for scores of years. Women only recently have been permitted to eat dinner there — no lunches.

Pierre's and Camille's are gone, but Pierre's lives on under the Little rock ms bi horny wives name of Ca- mille's.

George Mardikians's Omar Khayyam is an oasis of Armenian food in the Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill sector. Collins and Wheeland have been doing business on Montgomery street for three-quar- ters of a century, but they had their trouble trying to keep their specialty, roast beef, on hand during the war. Vanessi's and Louis', the Lombard and Breen's — it's practically an impossi- bility not to find good food wherever the appetite strikes. Fisherman's Wharf is another tourists' mecca where good food awaits the seafood lover.

Fresh-caught crab and fish, cioppino and shrimp mingle together with all the smells of all the ports in the world wrapped up at the foot of Mason street and the Embarcadero. A "union" city, it is governed by a "big business" man. Mayor Roger Lapham was on leave of absence as Chairman of the Board of the American-Hawaiian Steamship Lines to work for the War Labor Board in Washington when he was elected as "the peoples' choice" on a one-term platform.

As spokesman for the Waterfront Employers' Association, he engaged in a public debate with the ubiquitous Harry Bridges before a pro-labor meeting in Civic Auditorium a few years ago. The laborites had come to boo, but stayed to respect the man with the shock of iron gray hair who stated the owners' stand so succinctly. Lapham has tried to improve the city's antiquated transportation.

Although the voters turned down a proposal to build subways, they did vote to buy the Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill owned Market Street railways and consolidate it with the Municipal Lines. They were undoubtedly Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill for this proposition, thinking that by voting for the consolidation they might get rid of some of the four tracks on Market street — a veritable booby-trap for the unwary pedestrian.

The mayor's tenure was upheld successfully in a special recall election in July in which sorehead political "outs" sought to Sex dating in pharr him removed from office. The recall election was a source of embarrassment to right-thinking San Franciscans, as other major cities, observing Lapham's regime, couldn't understand why the citizens would even consider unseating a man who had stuck by his promises and been such a good civic leader.

Daughter of Mrs. Raymond W elch and granddaughter of the late Rear Admiral Fullam, Rhoda is studying voice, has an eye on a radio career. She is another of the "I might have" club whose members are San Francisco beauties Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill by Hollywood's talent scouts. For dinner at home, she chooses black crepe to set off her fragile beauty, side-buttoned, with a startling green and aqua chiffon scarf.

Known for her trick riding at rodeos, Jane spends Adult want sex frederick illinois adult want sex freeburn at the Burlingame Gymkhana Club, weekdays working as secretary to a San Francisco attorney. Day clothes are strictly tailored; at Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill she chooses to become part of the Chinese motif in pure silk shantung, above, or a decorative dinner companion, right, in pierrot pajamas with dramatic tie-on skirt.

Duplex crepe, cut asymmetrically tier on tier, tapering Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill slim fascination. Silver fox jacket-cape. Rippled gold collar, Liebhold. Focus of attention: Fashion Forecast's dress and scarf.

Hot girl hookup larkspur california hot girl hookup larwill I Am Searching Cock

The dress is sleek and basic, the separate scarf gleams with silver. In gray, black, brown, cocoa, smoke blue, aqua ; sizes The bare look of daring is done in the manner of sophistication, the mood of elegance. Sequined Oscar Hayman crepe. Eleanor Green's harem-skirted dress in Duplex Sanchilla with a covered-up look. Stevens, Chicago. Marsha's hat.